At the end of the day, if the main concern of your organization towards your guards is not having each of them go home safe; you’ll need to update the list of your priorities. It has become more important than ever to incorporate a robust security patrol system to ensure the safety of the whole staff and especially, the security guards deployed at remote patrol sites.

In the past,  security guard companies were forced to rely on paper reports and monitor via radios, but not anymore. The introduction of Guardso security patrol system with GPS tracking as the key feature has tackled the challenge head-on to keep the security guards safe on the job. Here’s everything you need to know about it to make a difference, as well as, to meet the safety standards of the security guard industry.

1. GPS Tracking In Real-Time

GPS live tracking is one of the most frequently highlighted features of a security patrol system. As a private patrol company, are you aware of how a guard tracking system plays an important part in ensuring the safety of the on-site guards? If not, Guardso guard tracking system allows you to keep track of their live location all the time. Automated with live mobile app notifications, skipped checkpoints on the patrol route can easily be identified while keeping a check on the guards ensuring everything’s okay.

2. Checkpoints With Automated Notifications

Similarly, to track the process and safety of the guards, security guard checkpoint system can also be created along their routes with the help of Guardso security patrol system. An automatic notification is sent when a guard reaches & scans the checkpoint, or even when he fails to show up on time. For the times when a guard could get in some serious trouble, the same can also be helpful to respond in time to save his life.

3. Video Recording On The Go

Can video recording play a crucial part in improving security guard’s safety? Yes, of course it can. Using this readily available technology to your advantage, you can even prevent your workers against legal concerns in the situation of disputes. How? Let’s assume a situation where your security guard encounters an intruder, and there’s no other witness.

Having a smartphone with Guardso’s mobile patrol app installed on it, in such a grave situation can become a lifesaver.

  • It can help him summon external help to the exact location cutting down the need for assumptions by the private patrol company.
  • Even better, everything can be video recorded to resolve serious problems when the nature of an incident and how the guard responded to it can become questionable.

Due to lack of proper evidence, such type of situations often quickly escalate into a messy legal battle. Using Guardso security patrol system with additional features such as watch mode logs, incident reporting, tracking history, and many more can alter such scenarios.

If your guard responded to the situation as required by the rules & regulations, video recording, watch mode logs along with an incident report can be more than enough to protect both your private patrol company and your guards.

GPS Live Tracking

4. Live Messaging & The Panic Button

Live messaging may not sound like a safety feature in Guardso security patrol system but think again. The guards are allowed to reach their fellow guards as well as the manager on the same post-site in real-time, using this feature. They aren’t just allowed to share the details to keep others informed, but in times of emergency, the same can be used to inform their location.

The panic button introduced in Guardso 6.0s mobile patrol app updates is designed to ensure the safety of a guard working on a post-site. All a guard needs to do is long-press it to both activate and deactivate the button whenever required. This immediately notifies the admin as well as the other guards checked in on the same post-site to provide the help immediately required.

5. Increase Reliability & Transparency

You can rely on Guardso’s mobile patrol app, available on both Android and iOS, for the safety of both your security guards and your clients, while ultimately improving efficiency.

The guards can install it on their smartphone and use it from anywhere and at any time on the post site to check their attendance, scheduled site tours, post orders, reports, live location of other guards, and so much more. Clients, on the other hand, can view live reports shared by guards as well as their live location if required on their post-site.

So, let’s work together, your private patrol company and Guardso security patrol system to make a better tomorrow.