A security guard tour system is nothing more than a complex yet easy to use software. Today, it is being employed by almost every security guard company in the country to track the delivery of their security services. In fact, in the form of a mobile patrol app, it won’t be wrong to express it as an advanced streamlined solution made specifically to enhance security performance as well as accountability.

Guardso security tour system is one such leading guard tour system. Equipped with diverse features, it effectively streamlines security patrol operations of the security guard companies. So, in case you’re not on the same page with us, let’s get you there to help streamline your security patrol operations.

1. Robust Reporting System with Immediate Response Time

Modern security teams nowadays rely on a multitude of security tools, systems, and platforms every day. However, the more the number of technologies introduced into an organization, the bigger a headache it becomes trying to manage them all. Therefore, selecting the right guard tour system with everything available on a single platform for your security guard company can help not to jeopardize the efficiency of your entire security organization. The right guard tour system can benefit your business in ways you might not have imagined.

Guardso security guard tour system also available with a mobile patrol app is the perfect all-in-one solution, from managing your client profiles to live guards on patrol sites. But, what makes it stand out is the way security guards are tracked through GPS tracking and along with it the way detailed reports are tendered right from the post sites. Since they don’t always have to be detailed, Guardso provides a variety of options as necessitated by the situation.

For example:

  • Hourly report
  • Daily activity report
  • Incident report
  • Check-in/out report
  • Task report
  • Site tour report

Making the best use of technology Guardso mobile patrol app allows sharing video feeds using the watch mode. Guardso live messenger even allows the guards, supervisor, as well as the admin, to chat on the same post site.

At last, based on all the reports shared by the guards, a detailed security guard report is generated by the Guardso guard tour real-time reporting software. It provides an accurate view of the events going on, helping to significantly reduce response time while centralizing the dispatch calls.

2. Transparent Client Relationship

Transparency doesn’t have to mean sharing classified documents or company-specific internal information with the clients. Often what they are seeking is not more information, more reports, or more numbers, but relevant, trustworthy, and understandable information about how efficiently the company runs and the services you provide benefits them. Access to it all can create trust and engagement between your clients, employees, and everyone involved.

With the above in mind, Guardso’s guard tour client portal has been explicitly designed to give your clients easy access to all the critical information required. Especially, live reporting and call logs with guard tour real-time reporting feature to improve the quality of service at no extra cost. If the clients wish, reports can even be delivered directly to their email addresses. How more can a guard tour system make a client’s life easier?

But, if giving unlimited access to your clients is a problem, Guardso guard tour system has the perfect solution for that too. With the help of the custom access feature of the guard tour client portal, give them limited access as you desire and voila!

Guardso Guard Tour System

3. Streamlined Training for Security Guards

The company one runs is often said to be as good as the employees working for it. Not quite a wrong thing to say, is it? Apart from the company’s cherished clients and the all-powerful Guardso guard tour system, it’s the security guards that bring it all together.

Clients aren’t the only people concerned in the efforts to make your business more transparent – security guards make an essential part of the equation too. For this very reason, security guards need to be trained and taught about how to use the security guard tour system efficiently for when they go on patrol.

The simplicity of Guardso guard tour system’s design makes it easier for every person to understand it. Yet, it does not lack a feature that won’t give an efficient solution to your problem. And, the guards with a single Guardso mobile patrol app installed on their smartphones will have all the tools required to complete their site tours quicker and with more accountability.

So, it’s not just the Guardso guard tour system that’ll help streamline your patrol operations, but every member involved in the process. Guardso can become a channel you would not want to miss to make it all come true. But eventually, it’s you, your clients and last but not the least your security guards that can do wonders.