For a small private guard company to come up with huge marketing budgets can be really tough, isn’t it? But does that have to be your only go to option, because truth be told, irrespective of the budget you’ll need to market your service to grow your business. You’ll be thrilled to know there are others ways you can grow your business without needing to empty your pockets to achieve top-notch results.

To begin with, there are economical ways of building successful marketing strategies for your private guard company. However, utilizing the raw power of client advocacy can strengthen your business unlike anything else. Therefore, when it comes to growing your small private guard company, you can rely on client success stories. They are one of the best ways to provide the ultimate validation to potential customers that your services can provide them with the best solution.

So, how do you elevate your marketing to grow your private guard company using client success stories? Let’s take a look.

  1. Adds To The Authenticity Of Your Company’s Brand

    If you are a small private guard company, client success stories are going to play a tremendous role in building up the authenticity of your brand. Reason being, it’s this form of customer advocacy that is going to prove to your potential customers that you, otherwise an unknown brand, are more than trustworthy.

    So, despite having all the great tagline and inspiring ad creative in the world if your clients seldom say good things online about your private guard company and the services you provide, chances of someone else considering whether or not to buy what you’re selling will decrease significantly.

    Building an authentic as well as a trustworthy brand cannot be brought with any marketing budget. Clients success stories are only the way to work that magic and get it right. By showing others trust you with their business can help overcome huge objection potential clients often have about working with small business.

  2. Demonstrates How Efficiently You’ve Served Similar Clients

    Often it is too easy to talk about the benefits that security services using guard tour reporting or a guard tour client portal offers, but it’s hard to do it in a way that resonates with every potential customer. Therefore, one of the ultimate goals of having successful client stories is to increase the chance of helping visitors, that may happen to come across your website, to commit to contacting your sales team.

    Having strong and successful client stories can help demonstrate the potential clients how your current clients with different business types, industries, needs, and challenges have benefited from your services. Thus, putting into perspective the types of functionalities they can expect.

    For instance, secure access to a guard tour client portal to access reports from anywhere in the world sent by guards using one of the best guard tour reporting software. Or, custom reporting as per their requirements and much more to further convince them to try out your private guard company’s elite security services.

  3. Supports In Promoting Client Retention Referrals

    In order to grow your private guard company making new clients is no secret sauce. But what definitely is, is to never take your current clients for granted. Often in the process of acquiring new clients, it gets easy to forget them, who on the contrary can actually support you in achieving greater revenue goals with up-selling.

    So, talk about your current clients to build incredible goodwill in those relationships. This will lead to higher client lifetime value, more referrals, and happier clients than usual. In an authentic and meaningful way don’t forget to spread the word faster and further using your social media channels to leverage their stories.

    Through those client success stories aim to showcase how your security services have been able to adapt to your growing clients and how they rely on your small yet trustworthy private guard company. And, to your advantage how that has made your private guard company confident to introduce new services to your growing customers as you see fit.

So, don’t be afraid to leverage this unique way to market without spending a penny.