Security guards are the sentinels responsible for the protection of people, property, and deterring criminal activity by safely monitoring a given area. It requires professional security guard training, so the guards acquire the right knowledge, skills, instincts for carrying out their job as well as for their survival on-site. On-the-contrary, a lot of security guards are yet not prepared to handle problematic people and physical altercations and to protect themselves.

Given the security guard’s increased role nowadays, it demands changes by strengthening minimum standards and requirements. This includes security guard training too, as implementing it can help reduce on-site risks. How? Let’s find out.

1. Decrease Work Injuries To Increase Productivity

Every occupation comes with its own set of benefits and hidden risks that the employees of the company have to accept. Being a security guard, everything is out there in the open, nothing’s hidden. This is the reason why every private patrol company, to ensure the safety of their security guards, should use the best security guard management system. Guard tour mobile app equipped with efficient features such as GPS tracking, geofencing, & incident reporting provides a safety net.

However, this alone might not be enough for the security guards. Work injuries can still make their way and can cause trouble by decreasing productivity while increasing the bills for compensation. Eventually, you’ll probably have to end up looking for replacements and pay more for temporary employees. Instead, why not invest in training security guards to prevent the problem in the first place.

  • Properly trained security guards are more conscious of potentially hazardous situations while encountering them on-site.
  • There’s a better understanding of the situation and the ways to deal with it.
  • Security guard training also allows them to be ready so an intelligent yet quick decision can be taken while under duress.  

2. Prevention From Future Incidents & Contract Disputes

The job of a security guard is such that they work on-site providing both deterrents against crime and immediate response to incidents as they occur. To inform and to make their security managers understand the gravity of the situation, security guard incident reports are sent by the guards using guard tour mobile app. These reports provide mandatory details along with videos and images attached for reference or proof if contract disputes arise.

  • A survey shows small business owners are more likely to experience incidents that could lead to client complaints and contract disputes.
  • This is when the client and vendor relationship no matter how good takes a U-turn.
  • A good guard tour system with its security guard incident reporting feature comes to the rescue of the owner.

However, having proper security guard training can completely change the way a security guard handles tough situations that usually leads to such scenarios on-site. In fact, security guard training can also help the security guards stand out in the competitive market, providing a higher level of quality service and preventing future incidents.


Security guard training, without any doubt, is essential to improve a security guard’s credentials and credibility as a professional. It may cost a bit, but these expenses will be worth paying because not only will it empower your guards but also your private patrol company in the long run. But, if the thought of security guard training issues is scaring you already, a guard tour system can help. So, what are you waiting for?