On-site visitor management is one of the most vital factors that are critical to the security of client sites. To ensure it isn’t overlooked, you need a digital visitor manager that enables you to manage all visitors and vehicles efficiently on any client site. You need GuardsPro guard tour system!

GuardsPro’s visitor manager is a cloud-based solution. It helps register on-site visitors and vehicles and record their every movement. Thus, eliminating the need for traditional paper logbooks where human error and security breaches are a common possibility.

With the GuardsPro visitor manager, you can do much more than just register data online. You can create a visitor profile once and keep adding visitor logs to reduce waiting times while keeping the database secure without the security risks associated with bulky logbooks. 

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Why Embrace GuardsPro Visitor Manager & Discard Visitor Books?

Digital visitor managers in a very short span of time have earned a crucial place in the security guard industry. Where paper visitor books look out-of-date and clumsy, a digital visitor manager is sure to leave a lasting impression on the visitors and customers while ensuring complete security. 

More reasons in addition to the above will make you want to discard traditional visitor books. Let’s take a look.

  • Improve the overall efficiency & accuracy
  • Enhance your first businesses impression
  • Effectively reduce waiting times for visitors
  • Protects the privacy of all your visitors
  • Makes it convenient for returning visitors
  • Enhance workplace security significantly
  • Offers greater visibility for threat mitigation
  • Magnify emergency reports using it
  • Ensure cost reduction immediately

While this is not a list of every single one of the benefits of a GuardsPro visitor manager, we hope it highlights some of the most important benefits of implementing a visitor manager.

Guard Tour System

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