Do you want to stay on top of every vehicle in your fleet while patrolling client sites? GuardsPro guard tour system’s vehicle patrol module does exactly that and so much more. Set yourself apart from your competition to establish and ensure a safer community for everyone hiring your vehicle patrol security services.

GuardsPro’s vehicle patrol solution automates your vehicle patrol tasks, ensuring the margin for errors is minimized, and productivity is increased. It is all you will need if you are looking to increase efficiencies and cut the costs of your vehicle patrol operations. To know more, watch the video now:

The Latest Vehicle Patrol Update Released Includes:

The GuardsPro vehicle patrol module is now divided into 2 sub-menus – vehicles and routes.

Vehicles – You can add and edit vehicle details – the year of build, make, model, license plate, collar, notes, and description as well as add them to specific categories, and view the current status of the vehicle online.

Routes – It allows you to define new routes for vehicle patrol guards on duty. Using it, you can add a date, start/end time, include multiple post sites, the number of hits to be made, their duration, and assign a guard and vehicle for the patrol. To further simplify the process, we’ve enabled the drag and drop post site feature in the vehicle patrol route.

  • The GuardsPro vehicle patrol module now also provides the option to create a schedule right after creating a route for guards to patrol.
  • You now also can enable or disable syncing hits setting between guards on the same post site along with many more.
  • Duplicate routes with the same from and to dates and months, but in the future. For instance, if you duplicate the route from Nov 1st, 2022 to May 1st, 2023, the time period for the new duplicated route will be from May 2nd, 2023 to Nov 1st, 2023.

The GuardsPro mobile app allows security guards to conduct vehicle patrols based on predefined routes. All the hits completed by a security guard are automatically synced to all the other guards assigned on the same site for better clarity if the setting is enabled on the dashboard.

Mobile Patrol App

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