When time off requests come in in the form of forgotten conversations or as a hastily written note left on the manager’s desk, keeping track of time off requests can create a huge headache for scheduling managers without an automated process in place. 

Free yourself from the cycle of traditional ways and tedious approval process with GuardsPro time off. It is an industry-leading solution for tracking paid/unpaid leaves for both security guards and security guard companies hassle-free. 

How Does it Work?

With the GuardsPro guard tour system’s powerful scheduler, actively take charge of guard time and attendance and also enforce the company’s leave policy rules.

Guard Request Time-Off

GuardsPro mobile app empowers security guards to seamlessly create and submit new paid/unpaid time off requests with a start and end date along with time, reason, and an additional comment in a few clicks directly to the manager.

Manager Approvals

Right after the time-off request is sent from the GuardsPro mobile app, the managers are instantly notified on the back-office dashboard to take appropriate action.

He can approve, reject, edit, or delete the request with a single click. If needed, he can also revoke the approved request with immediate effect.  

The manager further also has the ability to add a new request on behalf of the guards. As soon as the time-off status is updated, the system automatically notifies the guards for a seamless workflow.

Centralized and Secure

GuardsPro time off feature enables managing as well as tracking all the guard time off requests and approvals from one secure guard tour system, further making complex scheduling and payroll work hand in hand.

Guard Tour System

Benefits Of GuardsPro Time Off Feature

GuardsPro time off tracker is miles more efficient than the traditional ways to do it. Let’s go through some of the big benefits that you can expect if you upgrade.

  1. Eliminate Manual Processes: It automates the core functions and offers more functionality than you can achieve with spreadsheets.
  2. Real-Time Leave Monitoring: Have full visibility into which guards have time off scheduled in the future to arrange shift coverage accordingly.
  3. Improved Accuracy: Automating your time off tracking means fewer missed shifts, fewer misunderstandings, and fewer disputes.
  4. Increased Productivity: Think of all the time your managers and security guards can save and accomplish with those saved hours.
  5. Establish Transparency: Being able to submit, track, and receive responses via GuardsPro time off will show guards that they are being treated fairly. 
  6. Ensure Legal Compliance: Good time off tracker helps you protect them from liabilities and offer exhaustive records to show compliance.
  7. Reflect Organizational Value: With historical data available, managers can speak individually with guards about using their available time off to avoid burnout.

With that being said, there is no reason why you should not invest in GuardsPro time off feature. Sign up for a 30 days free trial to explore this feature, and many more like it right now.