GuardsPro is an intelligently designed cloud-based security guard management platform whose powerful features not only help improve your bottom line by offering the ability to virtually transfer your office to any location worldwide but also enhance your guard’s performance and productivity by several folds.

GuardsPro guard tour system comes equipped with a:

  • Back-Office Dasboard
  • Guard Mobile App
  • Guards Web Portal
  • Client App
  • Client Web Portal
  • Add-on modules

If you want to streamline your security patrol operations seamlessly and effectively, check out GuardsPro, the cloud-based physical security guard management platform! To get started, sign up for a 30-day risk-free trial.

For more information, take a look at the infographic shared below.

Guard Tour System

GuardsPro: A Dynamic Solution To Gain Actionable Insights

GuardsPro’s Back-Office Dashboard is a powerful solution designed for you to receive actionable insights into on-site security operations and make data-driven decisions. It incorporate multiple features:

  • Reporting
  • Messenger
  • Time Clock
  • GPS Tracker
  • Vehicle Patrol

In addtion to them, you can equip you security guard management platfrom with add-on modules – scheduler, visitor manager, invoicer, dispatcher, payroll, and/or SMS services to expand the system’s capabilities as well as your company’s. Pick and pay only for the ones that are right for your security guard company.

Next we have client web portal. Streamline your report-sharing process with clients using GuardsPro’s easy-to-use client web portalBuild a stronger client relationship with further improved communication.

Further client app is a brand new addition to GuardsPro aimed at boosting client retention like never before. To do that, the app offers clients insight into site performance and productivity with secure access.

Since every security guard company wants to value to their security guard services, investing in a mobile patrol app that allows you to streamline communication through numerous features is a good option. What’s even better is that GuardsPro has a guard web portal to offer.

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