After delivering great security guard services, a major concern for a lot of security guard companies is to ensure their security guards are paid in a timely and accurate manner. And for that, we at GuardsPro have a simple yet effective solution just for you. Presenting, GuardsPro Payroll, an easy-to-use online software built with the guard tour system to automate your payroll process.

With GuardsPro Payroll make your payroll processing simpler and faster. Timesheets automatically update based on scheduled shifts, confirmation, no-shows, and check-in/out allow doing just that, so you never have to adjust time cards manually. Further, Guardso Payroll seamlessly integrates with Quickbooks, Gusto, ADP Workforce, and Paychex for you to enjoy the convenience of generating and exporting payroll reports in a single click.

GuardsPro Payroll

There are a number of other advantages of switching to GuardsPro Payroll, including minimizing mistakes. Stay tuned to know more about that.

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