GuardsPro Guard Web Portal, the efficient web version of the security patrol app is designed to empower security guards by letting them work from anywhere on the web. Using it, the security guards can do the following before heading out to patrol the client site:

  • Clock and check in and out from the desk
  • Submit reports from the portal online
  • View attendance, shifts and confirm them
  • Request for time off and view live status
  • View and acknowledge post orders online
  • View and acknowledge company policies
  • Add visitor’s and vehicles details 
  • Check visitors and vehicle in/out easily

 For more information, take a look at this video to learn more about GuardsPro guard tour system’s Guard Web Portal:


Benefits Of GuardsPro Guard Web Portal

  1. Work From Anywhere: Complete all your tasks left at client sites working from anywhere you desire.
  2. Increased Flexibility: Log in to the web browser for extra flexibility and get all the tasks done.
  3. Highly Convenient: Guard Web Portal makes it convenient for the guards to manage their daily tasks.
  4. Improves Operational Efficiency: The guard tour system offers secure access to the portal so the guards can do more than just submit reports online.

Guard Tour System

Get Started With GuardsPro Guard Web Portal

GuardsPro guard tour system’s Guard Web Portal is the smart web version of the GuardsPro security patrol app. Maximize its power by getting started today and availing yourself the first 2 months off on it!

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