Often lack of real-time data available to dispatchers leads to uncoordinated incident response. Which is why a reliable dispatcher is an integral part of a successful security guard company. It must be built to improve and simplify the process to deliver emergency services with the ultimate accuracy. GuardsPro offers one such brilliant dispatcher that is designed to meet the end-to-end need of a security guard company

Why Choose GuardsPro Dispatcher Over Anyother, Anytime?

Whether you want to improve the performance of the security guards dispatched to the incident site or stay connected on ground zero to enhance incident response, you need to try GuardsPro dispatcher

It instantly allows creating new dispatch tickets to gain better access to time-sensitive information. Using it, the security guard dispatchers can stay on top of the dispatch calls coming in from multiple sites and seamlessly assign security guards available at that time. Different priorities can be assigned to different dispatch tickets so the dispatchers can respond to emergencies more effectively using the reliable GuardsPro dispatcher.

Further, you can push the limits in times of emergency by keeping track of every security guard dispatched via the live map integration on the back-office dashboard. And utilize live notes, on the other hand, to streamline communication across multiple channels in real-time.

For more interesting details about the features you need to watch the GuardsPro dispatcher video below:


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Let your dispatcher stay on top of the dispatch call – get to-the-minute updates from the guard assigned on the live notes page combined with security guard tracking and so much more. Invest in GuardsPro guard tour system and simplify the process to deliver emergency services with the ultimate accuracy.

If you are looking for a system that can do more than just track security guard time, the GuardsPro guard tour system is the one for you. To get hands-on experience on all GuardsPro guard tour system features, sign up for a 30-day free trial right away. For more information, head to our website.