Despite the rapid growth of the security guard industry, security guard companies still face numerous challenges while managing their security workforce. Incomplete reports, overscheduled guards, and lack of live communication are just a few examples that make the job challenging on a daily basis. 

Fortunately, a security guard management system like GuardsPro is helping empower security guard companies of all sizes to run more efficient security operations. How? Watch the video below to learn more about GuardsPro back-office dashboard and how it simplifies your on-site operations.

With GuardsPro, you’re in complete control.

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GuardsPro Back-Office Dashboard: Equipped With Robust Modules

GuardsPro back-office dashboard’s robust modules equipped with powerful features help align on-site performance with security programs customized for clients. It ensures that by letting you:

  • Gain an insightful overview of all the on-site activities
  • Standardize your reporting process to simplify benchmarking
  • Speed up your scheduling process by automating it
  • Surveil on-site presence and movement of your security guards
  • Keep track of time, attendance, time off requests, billable hours
  • Allow guards and admins to connect and collaborate in real-time
  • Have full control over your vehicle patrol security operations
  • Manage dispatch calls coming in from the client sites
  • Simplify your security guard company’s payroll, estimates and invoices
  • Monitor multiple locations from one centralized dashboard


GuardsPro security guard management system is an intelligently designed solution whose powerful features not only help improve your bottom line but enhance your guard’s performance and productivity and client satisfaction by several folds. Get started with it today!