We’re excited to announce the upcoming release of GuardsPro Back-Office Dashboard 8.0.6, packed with new features and improvements to enhance your security management experience. In this release, we’ve focused on optimizing the design, refining the flow, updating existing features, and introducing new functionalities that will make your daily operations even smoother. Let’s dive into the details:

Back-Office Dashboard Updates

Subscription Plan Updated

We’re pleased to introduce new subscription plan options. Users can now choose between Monthly and Yearly plans with 30% off in the latter, allowing for greater flexibility in managing their GuardsPro subscription.

Report Updates

  • Select Multiple Incident Reports

Users can select multiple incidents when creating or updating any incident report through both the mobile and web applications. This feature enables faster and more efficient incident management.

  • Download Reports – Improved Processing

When users need to download a substantial number of reports (20 or more), we’ve optimized the process by sending an email to the user with a link to download the files. 

  • DAR Email – Unsubscribe Link

To provide users with greater control over their notifications, we’ve included an “Unsubscribe” link in the automated email notifications for DAR (Daily Activity Report).

  • Custom Report Reminder

A new setting has been introduced in the custom reports form designing page under Company Settings to remind the guard to submit a report on a specific time interval during the time when they are clocked in and checked in the post site.

Vehicle Patrol – Save draft button

We’ve added a convenient “Save Draft” button to the Vehicle Patrol’s route feature, enabling users to save their progress while creating a new one and return to it at a later time.

Scheduler Updates

  • Unassign Option

We’ve introduced an “Unassign” option in the Scheduler, allowing users to quickly remove guards assigned to selected shifts in bulk.

  • Duplicate Single Shift

Users can now duplicate a single shift within the same date and easily drag and drop it to other dates as needed. Duplicated shifts are unpublished by default.

  • Time Selection Control Changed

To provide more flexibility, we’ve added a dropdown with a list of predefined times in the time selection control of the shift templates. Users can also manually input the desired time.

Tracking History – Enhanced Scrolling

We’ve added a scroll bar to the Tracking History feature, making it easier to navigate through past entries.

Back Office User – Streamlined Client Assignment

When creating or updating a back office user profile, simply selecting the option to assign all clients will ensure that any new clients added to the system will automatically be assigned to that user. 

Parking Incidents – Improved Functionality

In response to user feedback, back-office users are now allowed to update incidents in the Parking Incidents feature. Additionally, we’ve introduced the ability to delete parking incident files, providing greater flexibility and management options.

Invoicer – Items Customization

Users can now define item prices when creating items in the Invoicer feature and edit and make changes to predefined item pricing within estimates and invoices.

Time Clock – Hours By Report

We’ve made significant modifications to the flow of the Time Clock report. The filters are now more detailed, and the tabular structure has been optimized for improved readability.

Client Web Portal Updates

Incident Reports – Multiple Incidents Display

In the Incident Report section, multiple incidents will now be displayed providing a clear and concise overview of related incidents.

Reports – Enhanced Filtering Options

We’ve introduced new filtering options in the incident, standard, and DAR reports to provide a more customized and focused reporting experience.

Scheduler Popup Design Enhancement

Based on user feedback, we have improved the usability of our Client Portal by relocating the scheduler pop-up to the right side panel. This strategic move enhances the layout, providing easier access and visibility for managing schedules.

Guard Web Portal Updates

Incident Reports – Selecting Multiple Incidents

Guards using the web and mobile apps will have the capability to select multiple incidents when creating or updating an incident report. This enhancement streamlines the process and allows for more efficient incident management.

Security Update – Resetting Password Made Easy

We have simplified the registration process by removing the need to re-enter the password. Instead, we display a clear and strong password policy upon clicking the register button.


In The End

Stay tuned for the release of GuardsPro Back-Office Dashboard 8.0.6, which will bring these exciting features, enhancements, and much more to your fingertips. We’re committed to providing you with the most intuitive and comprehensive security management solution available. Should you have any questions or require further assistance, our support team is always ready to help.