GuardsPro has always worked dedicatedly to make security guard management easier. To ensure that, we’ve continuously improved GuardsPro security guard management platform to help security guard companies like yours to streamline their security operations. 

So, to fulfill your needs and to help you improve your security guard services, we have put a lot of effort into this new update. We have taken feedback and suggestions from you to make the GuardsPro security guard management platform more feature-rich, robust, responsive, and highly available through cloud computing.

You will be able to observe improvements not only in design but also in features. Let’s take a peek at some of our new features and improvements that are coming soon.

GuardsPro 8.0: New Updates Coming Soon

We have completely reinvented GuardsPro from the ground up which includes design improvements in back-office dashboard, client web portal, guard web portal, security guard app, and client mobile app.

Brand New Features & Modules
  • Brand new analytics menu for reports and schedule.
  • Vehicle Patrol – a new module added to boost your vehicle patrol services.
  • Item – a menu under invoices added to define taxable or non-taxable items.
  • Security Team – a new venue added to manage guards and back-office users.
  • Redesigned GuardsPro scheduler with new features like exchange shift.
  • Auto-assign and confirm open shift for the first guard who accepts the shift.
  • Back-office users can add comments & mention others throughout the system.
  • You’ll have the ability to flag reports and notify users hassle-free.
  • Better improvements in report export as PDF, Excel, and print.
Guard Tour System
Additional Updates
  • Better security with 2-step authentication for back-office users.
  • Deep linking has been added to email notifications for quick access to data.
  • Multiple new guard settings and company settings have been added to the system.
  • Hours by report will also be now available under the time clock and payroll.
  • You’ll be able to add comments in the time log and attendance entries.
  • Delete all past payrolls or a specific past payroll of a security guard.
Guard Mobile App
  • Dark mode support will be soon available on both the mobile app and dashboard.
  • Your guards will be able to conduct vehicle patrol based on predefined routes.
  • They’ll be able to offer confirmed shifts to other security guards.
  • The autosave feature in all reports as they are written will be made available.

More Updates Are Coming Soon: Stay Tuned! 

That’s it for now. We have more to tell you about our new update. Stay tuned. We will tell you more about the improvements after the update.