At GuardsPro, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge security management solutions to help you streamline your operations and enhance security. In this latest update, we have worked diligently to bring you a comprehensive set of feature enhancements and improvements across the Back Office Dashboard and Client Web Portal. These updates not only improve the user experience but also introduce new functionalities to empower your security management.

Let’s dive deeper into the extensive list of changes in this feature-rich release.

Back Office Dashboard Feature Update:

Email Report for Multiple Post Sites

Managing email report settings for multiple post sites of a client has never been easier. With our updated feature, you can configure these settings for various sites all at once, as well as add multiple recipients under clients to streamline your administrative tasks.

Please note: You can now also add multiple recipients for a particular post site under email reports.

Export Images in PDF Reports

With the GuardsPro update, media images are now seamlessly integrated into your Site Tour Checkpoint Report PDFs. This improvement allows you to visualize the security status more effectively by providing a complete picture of your security operations. These images will add an invaluable layer of detail to your reports, enhancing your ability to make informed decisions.

Shift Template Validation

To ensure a streamlined scheduling and operational process, we’ve introduced a robust shift template validation feature. Users can no longer create templates with duplicate names, which not only prevents confusion but also enhances efficiency. Now, you can confidently create and manage unique shift templates, simplifying your scheduling tasks and ensuring every shift is precisely defined.

Geofence Drawing

Geofences are an essential part of your security management strategy, and maintaining their clarity is crucial. With this update, Back Office Dashboard users are restricted from drawing geofences over existing ones. This change ensures that geofences remain distinct and unambiguous, reducing the risk of overlapping boundaries. This level of precision in geofence management bolsters the effectiveness of your security measures.

Guard Labels and Pending Status

Managing your security personnel is now more straightforward than ever. The Guard list page has been enhanced to include labels for imported guards, making it easier to track and categorize your personnel. Additionally, the pending status of guards is now clearly visible, providing you with instant insights into their availability and readiness. This added level of detail empowers you to make better-informed decisions about guard deployment and allocation.

Enhanced Policy and Docs Screen

Creating detailed policies and procedures is crucial. Keeping that in mind we’ve expanded the size of the slide window, providing more space for crafting in-depth policy documents. This small yet crucial update ensures that you can focus on creating detailed procedures without the constraints of limited space.

Vehicle Patrol Route Validation:

In the previous system configuration, there was a noteworthy issue where selecting a single date inadvertently activated all days, leading to an incorrect representation. To address this, our latest update has rectified this situation. Now, when you select a specific date, it accurately activates only the corresponding day, leaving the other days in an inactive state. This enhancement ensures a more precise and reliable experience when working with date selections, preventing any unintended selections and promoting greater accuracy in your security management operations.

Randomize Vehicle Patrol Route:

Variety and unpredictability are often key elements of effective security measures. With the option to shuffle the post site list in a random order, you can add an extra layer of security by making vehicle patrol routes less predictable. This innovative feature enhances your security approach by keeping potential threats on their toes, making your security operations even more effective.

Combined Account and Company Settings:

Streamlining your administrative experience is a top priority. We’ve merged Account and Company Settings into a single, user-friendly “Settings” section. This change simplifies your interactions with GuardsPro, ensuring a more efficient and straightforward experience when configuring your account and company settings.

Removed “Include All Paid Break as Regular Hours” Setting:

To make the payroll management process smoother and more intuitive, we have removed the “Include all paid break as regular hour” setting from the payroll configuration. This adjustment simplifies your payroll management processes, reducing the need for complex configurations and ensuring that your payroll is calculated accurately and efficiently.

Client Web Portal Feature Update:

Send Emails to Multiple Recipients

Efficient and effective communication is vital in the world of security management, and our latest update takes this to the next level. Clients now have the ability to send emails to multiple recipients directly from the portal, streamlining your communication processes. This feature is particularly valuable when you need to share information with various stakeholders, such as clients, team members, or partners.

Expand/Collapse Option

Next, in the Client Web Portal, we understand the importance of a customized user experience. That’s why we’ve introduced an expand/collapse feature for table records. This feature empowers users to tailor their view and concentrate on what’s most relevant to their tasks. Think of it as a virtual workspace decluttering tool. It enables you to reduce visual noise and organize your workspace, resulting in a cleaner and more organized portal.

Other System Updates:

Select All Option for Dropdowns

To enhance your selection experience, we’ve addressed a previous issue. You can now confidently select or unselect the “Select All” option in dropdowns when choosing or deselecting items. This feature significantly improves the precision of your selections, especially when working with filters. Say goodbye to inaccuracies and enjoy a smoother and more efficient selection process.

Alphabetical Sorting of Dropdown Data

User experience is at the heart of our improvements. We’ve revamped the way data is presented by introducing alphabetical sorting in all dropdowns across the Back Office Dashboard, Guard Web Portal, and Client Web Portal. This small but significant change simplifies the process of finding and selecting the options you need. It eliminates the need to scroll endlessly or search for specific items, ensuring a more organized and user-friendly experience.


GuardsPro remains dedicated to being at the forefront of the security management industry. This update reflects our commitment to ongoing improvement and innovation. These enhancements are designed to boost efficiency, streamline your security operations, and provide a user-friendly experience for both administrators and users. 

We are excited about the possibilities these updates open up for your security management, and we look forward to your feedback as we continue to evolve and enhance GuardsPro. Thank you for choosing us as your security management solution. Stay tuned for more updates and improvements in the near future!