Security guard scheduling lies at the core of every security guard company with almost every other task revolving around it. Automating guard tour scheduling using a powerful security guard scheduler can speed things up significantly, making the biggest impact on your bottom line.

Guardso security guard scheduler is built to let security managers schedule effectively by pre-defining security guard skills. They can, in fact, create open shifts that security guards can pick & choose the one they want to work or even swap shifts with other security guards as per their convenience. In case you want the ability to publish/unpublish shifts instantly, check that off your list too. 

With it, get meaningful insights around the staffing of your security guards ensuring continuous service improvements. Ensure reliability and customer satisfaction, eliminating human error & assisting in reporting to clients. With Guardso security guard scheduler, get an edge over your competition to do so much more.

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Guardso security guard scheduler is a powerful yet flexible tool that’s designed to create shifts, publish & unpublish them, share schedules with the guards live, & so much more. To know more about it and the Guardso guard tour system, visit Even better, register for 14 days free trial to get hands-on experience: