Guardso guard tour system came up with amazing new updates throughout the year to ensure that it makes your security operation smoother, security guards more productive, and clients a lot happier. We are more than thankful for your valuable feedback that made it all possible for us to work on features that your team loved. 

Here’s a quick review of those powerful Guardso guard tour system features.

Live Tracker

  • Geofence Enter & Exit Logs – Track all your security guards more efficiently every time they enter & exit while working within a geofence.


  • Post-Site Maps – Track the live location of assigned guards on the post site map of site-specific dispatch tickets.
  • Live Notes – Admin can add & view live notes sent by the security guards without refreshing the page in all dispatch tickets.


Keep the security team informed & updated through secure multimedia Guardso messenger that works with both the security guard app and live dashboard.

  • Types Of Check-in Based Chat – One-To-One Chat/Group Chat/Post-Site Chat
  • One Way Conversation – Provides admin the option to activate the feature to have one-way chat with the security guards checked-in on a post-site using the security guard app.


  • Bulk Attendance ReconciliationSet a threshold. Within it, if the security guard clocks-in, the admin can reconcile his or her attendance effortlessly.
  • Time Off Request – Management can keep track of leaves, approve, reject, or even at times, edit the ones requested by security guards.
  • Swap Shift – Security guards can share the request to swap the desired shift with another guard, with the approval of the admin.
  • Skill Set Define the skills of the security guards to keep a record beforehand to assign them to post-sites with the required skills.
  • Assign Multiple Guards – Admins can assign multiple security guards to multiple post sites to turn this process into a time saving & efficient one.

Payroll Integrations

Guardso collaborated with the well-known payroll providers of the industry to bring to you a seamless payroll experience through the following Guardso integrationsQuickbooks, Gusto, & ADP.

  • Hours By Post Site – Total hours worked by security guards on a post site with estimated wages can be viewed in Guardso Payroll.
  • Past Payroll – Have easy access to past payrolls at your fingertips, so you can always be at ease.
  • Pay Rate Multiplier – Define pay rates for every security guard in the company on a daily or weekly basis along with the holidays.


Guardso invoicer now allows eliminating paper-based invoices that aren’t always the most efficient to support your growing business but also to keep it highly professional.


  • Detailed System Log – Allows all the admins to seamlessly track every little change made in the system.
  • Detailed User Access level – Define new roles and set custom permission for them instantly.

Other Updates

  • Cloud Files – Available under the profile section of the security guards, they can attach files and add a description to them for reasons as required.
  • Panic Button – The security guards need to long-press it to both activate and deactivate the button wherever required to immediately notify the admin.

So, what are you waiting for? If you haven’t tried Guardso guard tour system yet, sign-up now for a 14 days risk-free trial to enjoy all our features.