Guardso introduces a dramatic new Guard Portal specifically for security guards. Packed with the same powerful features as that of Guardso mobile patrol app, it’s designed to let the guards do almost everything from a desk that they can from a client site using their mobile patrol app.

Guardso Guard Portal is a version of a breakthrough mobile patrol app now available on the web. It’s convenient, easy to navigate, efficient, & faster for security guards to rely on it. 

Everything Guardso Guard Portal Has To Offer Your Security Guards

The all-new Guardso guard tour system’s Guard portal features the following:

  • Submit Reports OnlineAdds the ability to let security guards submit reports from the portal.
  • Clock & Check-In/OutSupports guards clocking & checking-in & out of the client site online.
  • Acknowledge Post OrdersEnables the guards to view & acknowledge post orders for a client site.
  • View Company PoliciesDisplays the company policies to establish best practices for the guards.
  • Confirm Shifts OnlineOption to confirm shifts from guard portal is available for the guards.
  • Access AttendanceAddresses the requirement of guards to access their attendance online.
  • Request For Time OffGuards can easily start requesting time-off right from the Guard Portal.
  • View Detailed Time LogsGuard Portal allows guards to view detailed time logs to stay up-to-date.

Guardso Guard Portal update is now available for your security guards.

Try it for free for the first 2 months! 

To start using Guardso guard portal, ask your guards to log in to their accounts now:

Guard Tour System

Key Guardso Guard Tour System Updates To Follow Soon:

  1. Add, edit, update, & delete notes in scheduling.
  2. Delete multiple shifts while scheduling altogether.
  3. Add post sites, skill set, department, & guard in shift template.
  4. Allow to edit & delete time-off requests in the schedule.
  5. Ignore started shift while updating & deleting a series of shifts.
  6. Allow shift drag & drop-in schedule calendar.
  7. Remove guards from shift popup of confirmed shifts.
  8. Reset time of vehicle patrols at a particular time for post sites.
  9. Synchronize the number of vehicle patrols hits with other guards on site.

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