Are you looking forward to expanding your private patrol company and taking it to the next level? If yes, we have just the right solution for you that will help seamlessly tackle all the problems often faced while managing several branches of a private patrol company altogether. Introducing Guardso Enterprise Solution, the first automated enterprise system.

What Is Guardso Enterprise Solution?

Guardso Enterprise Solution is a complete enterprise system that has been specifically designed to automate the entire private patrol operation of a medium to large private patrol company. So, if you are looking forward to expanding your business to a whole new level, this is the system for you to rely on. It will allow you to effortlessly launch multiple branches across the globe and manage them all from a single dashboard.

What Guardso Enterprise Solution Has To Offer?

Here’s everything you need to know about what Guardso Enterprise Solution has to offer:

  • Customized System For Your Brand

Brand name nowadays is everything in order to provide a professional experience to everyone involved. Isn’t it? Which is why in the case of Guardso Enterprise Solution we offer the opportunity to put your brand name on all GES products & even customize the system to match your brand name.

  • Website Integration & Modernization

Guardso Enterprise Solution has been created in such a way that it can effortlessly be integrated with your website allowing your customers to request a quote and place an order online. It is the perfect solution to not only streamline your security patrol operations but also to modernize it effectively. Without any glitch, you know when the security guard was on duty and for how long. Absenteeism is automatically registered. You need not run after the security guards to collect time sheets and then manually do all the calculations.

  • Customized Development Services Available

Running a private patrol company on a large scale may require additional custom features. If you are up for a challenge, so are we to help you meet your company’s needs. Then Whether they are simple or complex, having them with GES will provide the flexibility required to run your private patrol company.

Guardso Enterprise Solution

  • Access To Add-On Modules & Integrations

Equipped with all the add-on modules & integrations of Guardso, that’s what makes GES a powerful enterprise solution for your private patrol company. It offers the best invoicing software along with the visitor log system and payroll integrations to let you expand your capabilities while effectively managing your company.

  • Hosted On Your Very Private Cloud

Guardso Enterprise Solution, unlike our standard plan, does not utilize shared resources. It’s meant to be hosted on the company’s private cloud with its own resources to ensure all the company and guard tour reporting data remains secure. This makes it easier for your private patrol company to scale your private cloud based on your needs.

Benefits Of Guardso Enterprise Solution:

  1. Improved business performance.
  2. Access to all add-on modules & integrations.
  3. Remote management capabilities.
  4. Effortless website integration with secure private cloud.
  5. Automated scheduling to eliminate paperwork.
  6. Effortless data sharing across multiple channels.
  7. Ease of guard tour reporting to make data-driven decisions.
  8. Automated multiple site supervision to boost productivity.
  9. Eliminate billing & payment disputes.
  10. Enhance client relationship with the client portal.
  11. 24/7 premium live phone & chat support.
  12. Additional custom features development services available.

So, when are you planning to expand your business?