We never neglect an opportunity for improvement and so here we are with Guardso 3.0.

The best security guard management system is now even better, with more powerful features added.

Our team has taken in every suggestion and feedback we received from users worldwide via calls, emails, and intercom inquiries and succeeded in creating the No.1 guard tour system.

Let us walk you through about the improvements that will help you manage your security patrol operations more efficiently:

Time Clock:

The new update integrates security guard time clock with the security guard management system and hence eliminates the need to carry multiple devices to the site. Improve accuracy using timesheets and monitor breaks to eliminate the scope for error and manipulations.

GPS Tracking:

The much-awaited feature is now here. The GPS tracking system allows you to stay updated with the exact location of the guards on-site. You now get accurate notifications in real-time about check-ins/out. Eliminate the chances of missed or skipped scheduled site tours by tracking the entire day’s activity of your security guard by viewing the track history.

Scheduling Integration:

Automate your scheduling efforts with all new scheduling integration. Cut down time in repetitive daily tasks using the shift templates. Share accurate information about the shift changes using the published/unpublished shift feature. Also, shift confirmations and open shift feature allow you flexibility and reassurance that your guards will be on duty.

Manage and update shift details along with attendance overview.

Dispatch Integration:

Easily allow your staff to attend dispatch calls coming in from multiple sources and take appropriate actions. The newly updated dispatch center featured in the guard tour system allows the dispatcher to register and access important information right within the security guard management system.

You get live activity status of the guards on the ground to easily find out which guards have copied the dispatch call and live call status from the guards on the dispatch calls. Also, you can create call logs and share them with clients to optimal communication.

System Notification:

Clients can define system notifications settings based on their preferences. Let your clients decide how they want to be notified about the events within Guardso.

Watch Mode:

Watch mode is a new addition that allows you to easily view video feeds shared by your guards within the security patrol monitoring system. You can use advanced filters to locate watch mode feeds based on post sites.

DAR List:

Allow your guards to submit DAR entries right from their mobile device using the guard tour system’s mobile app. This means added convenience and utility. They can also upload multiple images with each entry for better and detailed reporting.


Guardso believes in cutting down the need to carry multiple devices on site. A flashlight is most useful for on-foot patrols, investigating disturbances, and in cases of power outage.

Tour Improvements:

We have greatly improve the way tours are setup in PPO dashboard and the way the are conducted by the guards.

In PPO dashboard, now you have the option to select multiple timeframes when the tour needs to be completed and the duration of the tours. Incase the tour needs to be done at random times you have to option to leave the start time blank, this give the guard option to start the tour at any time.
In mobile app we have added the option for guards to complete missed tour. Also, when guard scans QR or NFC tag, the app shows them the instructions for each checkpoints and gives the guard option to add notes. Our goal at Guardso is to constantly the quality of customer experience and provide the ability for our clients to provide better services to their clients.

Tasks Improvements:

Similar to tour we have also made improvements in tasks section where admin in PPO Dashboard can add multiple timeframes and duration. Using Guardso mobile app guards can complete missed tasks and see the list of completed tasks.