We all can agree to the fact that as important it is to protect and safeguard data, it is critical to bring transparency to your security business. A patrol guard tour system is the most effective way to balance the two.

But contrary to what one might believe, most security managers renounce the need to be transparent or use a guard tour system, data safety is the reason to blame.

What follows are four main benefits of bringing transparency into your security operations using a security management software.

Employee Accountability:

How do you address guard accountability issues without a patrol guard tour system? You rely on manually updated time-sheets. And these manual methods are susceptible to manipulations and errors while a guard tour system enables you to automate the reporting and data management process.By eliminating the chances of manual errors, the data is more accurate which in turn encourages the guards to be accountable for their scheduled patrols. The data recorded through their security patrol devices can be used to track and measure their performance.

Guard Engagement:

Studies have shown that when the employees are given access to their performance data, they tend to put effort towards improvement and show higher levels of engagement. Using a security management software allows the guards to update site reports from the field using their smartphones. This data is saved in a secure cloud database, who gets to access this data is decided by the security manager using the PPO dashboard. When the guards can see how they have performed in a specific period, they can plan and strategize improvement in the concerned areas.
You are developing accountability towards performance and encouraging engagement without any supervisory intervention.

Client Confidence:

By showcasing how you collect and manage data in the process of holding your guards accountable for their performance at client’s site, you convince them of your commitment to providing excellent services.A patrol guard tour system like Guardso also allows you to receive on-site reports from the guards, and approve and forward them to the clients in real time on the mobile app. This establishes your efficiency and additionally allows the clients to stay abreast of the on-site incidents and what is being done to mitigate them.

Business Credibility:

Each of the above three factors combines to build business credibility. If your guards are engaged and accountable, and the clients confide in your business, you are succeeding in establishing credibility and creating a strong brand image.
Not only will it help you strengthen your present customer retention strategies but also gain new customers.

A security management software can not only help you in image management but the data so collected can serve as proof in any audit and legal issues.

It is focussed on creating value for your business in both short and long run.