We’ve all heard, how it’s the little drops that make the mighty ocean. Guardso, the modern guard patrol tour system similarly is made of a number of features. Modules that have been efficiently consolidated into one easy to use platform to make the life of every person involved much simpler.

One such important aspect of the guard patrol tour system no guard can do their job without, is guard tour reporting software. So, today we are going to concentrate on watch mode feature incorporated under it and clear all your doubts. Let’s get started!

What Exactly Is Watch Mode Feature?

Conducting an on-site patrol is one part of the bigger picture. The other part that completes it all is effective reporting. Reporting information that can be valuable to your management team, your clients, and sometimes to even save your life. So, while working when security guards get into spontaneous situations where they can’t manage to fill in an incident report or probably any other report, watch mode can come in handy.

It’s that one intriguing feature of Guardso’s guard tour reporting software that allows the security guard to shoot a video of the incident on-site and pass it along to the supervisor in real-time within the security patrol monitoring system. The built-in advanced filters, further allow to view watch mode feeds based on specific post sites, clients, guards, or even the date of the patrol done on different sites.

Why Do You Need Watch Mode Feature?

Security guard reports are undoubtedly one of the best ways to ensure the right information gets to the right people.  But, whether in times of crises or not there can’t be anything better than a real-time video on the roll from on-site location shared directly onto your system.

  1. On any regular day, this feature can lead to drastically improve results by making it significantly easier for the guards to report vital information.
  2. In times of crises, it’s feeds can be used to convict culprits while proving your security guard’s right doing in lawsuits and court proceedings.
  3. Eventually, enhance your lone guard safety. Giving them the power to let them know you care.

Additionally, the fun fact why your guard tour reporting software ought to have a watch mode as on Guardso security guards report system is because your guards need not check in to a post site to access it. Without check-in, it is unquestionably accessible, and the video feeds shareable. Consequently, perfect for a time in grave situations.

Get One Step Closer to Watch Mode On Guardso Mobile App:

Guardso mobile app is the ultimate security guard tour solution a security guard could ever ask. Watch mode is one amazing part of it available right on the main page of the app itself.

All one needs to do to record a video on-site is tap on the watch mode icon.

  • The camera will open and tap at the bottom to start recording.
  • Once you’re done recording the video, tap again to stop recording and that’s it.

The video will automatically be sent to the servers and shared with the management to view it in the watch mode log.

How To Get Watch Mode Log Right On The Website:

Once the video is shot and shared, the two steps to getting it all right begin with the dynamic PPO dashboard.

  1. From the main menu click on the Reports to find Log Reports section on the very next page and then click on the Watch Mode Log.
    view watch mode
  2. Once you’re in the watch mode log page, this is where you’ll find all the videos shared by guards on-site.

watch mode

On the top of this very page, you’ll find the four advanced filters that will be helpful to locate watch mode feeds based on different criteria. They mainly include:

  • Clients
  • Post Sites
  • Guards
  • Date


The watch mode necessarily need not be used only in times of crises.  It’s the perfect feature of Guardso patrol tour system and the perfect way of sharing day to day critical information that can’t be through reports by security guards. So, make sure you and your guards make the most out of it. For any doubt or queries, feel free to comment below.