In comparison to the ways security guards were once scheduled, we all have come a long way, haven’t we? No longer do the security guard companies irrespective of their sizes need to manually get this task done using a number of employees. Today, on the contrary, guard tour management system is equipped with powerful scheduling module that can be operated by a single security manager to get the job done.

If you are wondering what more can a security guard company ask for? Try Guardso’s open shift feature if your guard tour management system still hasn’t got one. It’s one of the new trends in security guard scheduling that are here to stay. And given below are the top 4 reasons to have this feature in your guard tour management system.

1. Allow The Guards To Choose The Shift They Want To Work
Are the guards asked about the shift they want to work before security guard tour scheduling is done? Of Course not, right? In fact, there are days when over and over again the same guards are scheduled just because they are more qualified and experienced than others. Thus, not giving others the chance to explore that they might have never experienced before.

Having an open shift feature incorporated into the scheduling module of a security tour management system can bring a full stop to such practices. Thus, giving the guards the flexibility they deserve, to select and confirm the shift they want to work right from the mobile patrol app installed on their smartphone. Additionally, letting them experience different post-sites is an added benefit.   

2. Help The Guards Confirm Shifts In Advance
Giving security guards the freedom to choose the shift they want to work using guard tour management system’s open shift feature doesn’t mean the management will have no control over the process. In fact, the security manager is the one who has the power to initially define the types of shift for the guards from regular to open.  

When a security guard selects the shift that’s open and confirms it, notifications to multiple people are sent including the client. So they can rest assured that the guard will be available at the scheduled site on time. But, remember once an open shift is confirmed a security guard cannot undo it.

3. Works To Significantly Enhance Security Guard Accountability
Guardso’s security guard tour scheduling software works to streamline not just the security operations of a security guard company but also to improve the overall accountability. And, it begins the moment the security guards are allowed to select the shift they want to work so that they show showing up on the scheduled site to do the job with utmost sincerity.

There cannot be any better way than using a guard tour management system to help the guards become more accountable. Letting them have their way with it can show how much the management trusts them. Even when there are other ways to do so, it’s the perfect way to initially encourage them without letting them feel pressured to do the job perfectly.

4. Security Manager Can Operate This Feature From A Single Page
Instead of looking for an all-in-one solution like Guardso guard tour management system, a lot of security guard companies usually end up using multiple software to manage security operations. That process often gets so complicated that it begins to affect every little thing managed by the security manager. And fun fact, a lot of them might not have even included a software allowing them to use open shift feature.

Guardso, on the contrary, is the perfect guard tour management system equipped with multiple modules capable of being operated from a single page that is just a click away from the main menu. The open shift feature in Guardso is available under the schedule module from where the manager can keep track of all the open shifts pending as well as the ones confirmed.

The process under-scheduling to create an open shift is simple, but to believe it you’ll have to give guardso a try.