Today, we are thrilled to announce Guardso 4.0’s mobile patrol app for all iOS and Android tablets.

For long we have only offered our award-winning guard tour mobile patrol app for iOS & Android mobile users. But, today we proudly take a step forward to enhance your experience, improve your productivity, and address accountability with our mobile patrol app perfectly optimized for both iOS and Android tablets with rich features.

So, if you’ve got tablets, bring them on! Take advantage of working with bigger, better, & more reliable devices while on the job. Using a mobile patrol app in real-time has never been made that easier for any security guard.

Three Reasons Why Tablets Are The Real Deal Today

Here are a few more reasons why you should consider switching from a laptop or even a smartphone to a tablet to work on the go right now:

  1. Bigger & Better Device That’s User-Friendly

    Tablets are the perfect replacement for PCs or even laptops. And, there is no denying this fact that today business can do so much more than they can with other devices. But when it comes to the security industry, having access to a mobile patrol app on a bigger & better device can be of much help to a security guard than on any smartphone.

    Today, they are available in various sizes ranging from 7 to 12 inches that are exceptionally lightweight and highly portable. Larger screens with great display resolution improve the visual experience, but what makes it worthwhile is its user-friendly interface. These tablets aren’t just meant for the security guards, security managers can also manage their team to boost their productivity effortlessly.

  2. A Device You Can Take Anywhere, Do Anything

    Over the last few years, tablets have gained popularity among people because of being highly portable. Though, they are bigger than the phones but are about one third the weight of a standard laptop which makes them lightweight and super convenient to carry around anywhere. But, do not be fooled because they are capable of doing almost everything a laptop can do.

    Therefore, security guards can make the most out of it by installing Guardso mobile patrol app for iOS or Android and be ready to work or leave using the in-app check-in/out instantly. They also work great in scenarios where vehicle patrolling needs to be done and they without any inconvenience can easily be mounted onto the vehicles. Or a scenario that requires constant connectivity that a phone can’t offer.

  3. Highly Proven Cost-Effective Business Tool

    Tablets are the jack-of-all-trades in today’s digital world that security business is getting attracted to as a moth does to the light. And, why should they not? Tablets are capable of helping guards accomplish more than desired. In fact, it is a highly cost-effective tool that ranges between $100 to $1000 anyone can easily afford.

    By just installing a mobile patrol app for iOS or Android on it, it allows the guards to stay in touch with the manager, to report everything in real-time, share photos & videos, and so much more. This is one of the reasons why they are becoming standard in the security business environment, and every company is beginning to embrace it with arms wide open.

So, head over to the App Store or Play Store to get our mobile patrol app now! You will, won’t you?