The first impression is said to be the most crucial of all. So, being a private patrol company your first step towards creating an everlasting first impression on your visitors should begin with dumping the visitor books. No longer are paper-based visitor books the best solution for keeping records. Visitor management system has begun to take over the traditional method due to the increased efficiency and accuracy.

Businesses have actually begun to acknowledge it and incorporate it in their system due to various reasons. So, today here we are to discuss those reasons, so you can discard paper-based visitor books and move on to a piece of technology integrated within a security management software that will be worth your every penny.

Five Reasons to Ditch Your Traditional Visitors Book
In comparison to the untidy paper visitor books those look out-of-date and clumsy, a digital visitor management system is sure to leave a lasting impression with the visitors and customers.

But, what is sure to attract your attention even more, is that Guardso will soon be offering it as a part of its security management software, eliminating the need to use a separate software and spend thousands of dollars on it. So, stay tuned for Guardso 4.0.

Now, let’s take a look at what those reasons are that will make you want to discard traditional visitor books.

1. Improves Efficiency & Accuracy
A visitor management system just like the guard tracking system works to improve the overall efficiency and accuracy of the organization. Unlike the paper-based visitor books, in which the handwriting is sometimes too hard to decipher, or the visitors do not fill out their entry completely, eliminates such troubles at the time of first registration and fastens the process. Which means, no long lines causing the visitors any kind of inconvenience.

2. Enhance Your First Impression
A visitor management system is all about controlling access of visitors from the lobby of the building which is the single most important security point. Therefore, it should be capable of accurately and quickly capturing visitor’s details, photos, signatures and even the details of the car if this process is being managed from outside the building.

To be able to do all that just from a smartphone, there won’t a single visitor who will not be impressed with this automation. This will leave the perfect long lasting impression of being tech-savvy and innovative of your company you might have always wanted.

3. Protect The Privacy Of The Visitors
One of the main drawbacks of using paper-based visitor books is the fact that they make it easier for the visitors to see who came before them and all their details. Even if visitors don’t come with malicious intent, they are bound to take a look at those detail. And, that can still be considered as a direct violation of the company’s privacy policies.

In the case of a visitor management system, none of the information provided by one visitor is visible to any other. In fact, to access their data a specific user ID and a password is required, which means absolute protection of their privacy and data.

4. Convenient For Returning Visitors
A visitor management system is all about improving visitor experience, and that should not only be applicable to new visitors, but also to the ones returning regularly. In such scenarios using a traditional method, they’ll be required to sign in every single time they return. And, that isn’t much of a convenience for anyone.

Whereas, a visitor management system, after registering the visitor for the first time, does not need him to undergo the same process when he or she revisits. All the guard needs to do is create a log for that visitor, and that’s it.

5. Magnify Emergency Response
One of the best benefits of implementing a visitor management system comes to life in case of an emergency situation. Since no one knows when a situation may turn out to be such where the building may need to be evacuated immediately, a visitor management system can be used not just only to determine the number of visitors within the facility but also keep a track of whom they’ve come to visit to easily identify their location on the client site. Now, will a visitor’s book be able to do all that in times of emergency? Definitely not!

So, will you consider including a visitor management system integrated into a security management software?