Things like upgrades, renovations, move-ins, and move-outs change the setting of the building as well as the security needs. Each change demands new floor plans and new facility processes. That is why it is recommended to annually conduct a security threat assessment of your office space or facility. Look out for these five common security vulnerabilities when you run a threat assessment of your property.

Out-of-date Security Equipment

Over the past 5 to 10 years, security technology has become very advanced. And it will get more cutting-edge in the upcoming years. In the past, video surveillance systems were only able to provide low-resolution and low-quality images. Nothing more.

On the other hand, the video surveillance of today can produce high-resolution video, and one can access them from anywhere. They use innovative technology to perceive things such as unauthorized access, objects left behind, loitering, and much more. These technologically advanced measures are also cost-effective and will boost the degrees of your security capabilities. These systems save you effort and time and help to keep you safe.

Door Gaps

Doors, especially double office doors, are likely to have gaps where the door meets the floor or between the two doors. Typically, the access control alarm system comes with a motion sensor within each controlled door that opens the door when it senses your motion. This makes getting out easy. However, one can simply slip an object through the gap from outside to trigger the exit motion sensor. And they can unlock it and get inside, which is obviously not good.

For situations like this, consider filling the gap. You can also provide double-layered motion sensors, which will only open the door if two sensors are triggered in a row.

Unsecured Windows And Glass

Your protection will be compromised if you are not securing the area around accessible glass and windows. Burglars will be easily able to bypass door alarm systems by breaking the window or mirror. You should add motion detectors inside your space near the glass or glass break sensor in your protected perimeter.

Untrained Employees

Even with all the security systems, you won’t be secured if your employees don’t know how to take basic security precautions or understand the systems. Their lack of understanding can make the system significantly less effective. That is why you should train your staff and make them able to understand the security system. 

Unobserved Security System

People try to save money by having monitored security systems but often leave them unmonitored. Visible security equipment can provide some level of deterrence, but wicked people will always figure out a way to bypass a weak system.

That is why the visible deterrence security system needs to be monitored. In the time of a breach, the monitored system helps to make sure processes are followed. They record the incident and help to investigate the culprits. A monitored system will cost far less annually than the cost resulting from any theft or other incident.

While security systems are not foolproof, a well-designed one can reduce the risk significantly.