We’re excited to announce that GuardsPro Mobile App Update 7.1.6 is now available, and it’s set to transform the way you manage security. This update brings an array of improvements, new features, and an enhanced user experience for both Android and IOS users. Let’s delve into the details:

New Features

Geofence Clock In

Guards will now be prompted to clock in when they enter a geofence. A convenient popup will ask, “You have entered ‘post site name’; would you like to clock in?” with options for yes or no. If they choose yes, the select shift dialogue will appear.

Report Reminder

Guards can set reminders to submit reports at specific intervals while they’re clocked in and checked into the post site. This feature ensures timely reporting and fosters a proactive reporting culture.

Security Enhancements

We’ve bolstered app security by allowing guards to create a passcode and use face recognition authentication. Your GuardsPro access is now even more secure.

Messenger Updates

Guards can now archive chat conversations with a simple swipe. Archived conversations can be accessed from the three-dot menu on the top bar and easily unarchived. Additionally, guards can mute chat messages for a quieter chat experience.


Idle Alert

Say farewell to push notifications! GuardsPro now displays idle with sound directly inside the app. These alerts gently remind guards, “You’ve been idle for the past hh: mm; please stay active during your shift.” It’s all about making the experience more seamless and integrated.

Select Multiple Incidents

Managing incidents is now a breeze. Guards can select multiple incidents while creating incident reports, streamlining the process and improving incident management efficiency.

Forced Post Orders Acknowledgment

After acknowledging post orders, guards will be directed straight to the main post site screen. Here, they’ll have easy access to maps, panic alerts, site tours, and more, ensuring they’re well-prepared for their duties.

Report Details Screen

We’ve listened to your feedback and added time and date stamps to the report details screen. This additional context can be invaluable for reporting and auditing purposes.

Media Upload

To enhance data security, GuardsPro now uploads media files to Azure, a robust and secure cloud storage platform, replacing the previous Amazon S3 storage system.

Vehicle Patrol

Checking into a new post site is now even smoother. We’ve removed the previous site checkout toast alert, creating a more streamlined workflow for guards.

Flow Changes

Time clock

We’ve expanded the reach of shift-over messages. Now, these messages will appear on all screens, accompanied by an alert sound. Shift-over messages are triggered by your web settings, ensuring guards are always aware of their status. Plus, you no longer need to be on the time clock screen to see these messages.

Time Clock Notes

Adding notes during clock-in has been refined. If the “Force guard to add notes” setting is turned on, guards will now see the “Add Note” option without the skip button. This simplifies the process while maintaining flexibility.

Joining A Company

New guards will be seamlessly directed to the home screen after joining a company. This change enhances onboarding efficiency, allowing guards to get started quickly.

Sign-Up Screen

We’ve improved the sign-up process by displaying password-strength messages all at once. The re-enter password option has been removed in favor of a convenient “See Password” button. After confirming their phone and email, guards will now be taken directly to the login and company select screen.

Feature Removal

Change Password

To streamline the user experience, we’ve removed the change password feature from settings. Your security remains a top priority, and this change ensures that the app remains user-friendly. However, if you still need to change your password then you can do so from the signup/login page.


This update, GuardsPro Mobile App Update 7.1.6, is designed to empower security professionals like you with more control, security, and efficiency. We’re committed to providing the most intuitive and comprehensive security management solution possible for both Android and IOS devices. Thank you for choosing GuardsPro. We’re dedicated to continually improving your experience, and we can’t wait for you to explore these exciting new features and enhancements.


Should you have any questions, or feedback, or need assistance, our support team is here to help. Stay safe and secure with GuardsPro!