Security patrolling guards first and foremost job includes protecting people, place, and property from every possible potential threat. But, in order to carry out these duties, they need the right pieces of equipment. It’s often them on which they rely on to provide protection, to investigate the situations, and even stay safe themselves.

So, as a security company management, take the first step forward to show you care. Enlighten them on the basic requirements to step-up the wellbeing of your security patrolling guards. If you don’t know where to begin, we’ve got it all covered for you just like the field guide for security guards. Let’s take a look.

1. Uniform
A security guard’s uniform is the first thing that differentiates him from the rest of the crowd. But that necessarily doesn’t mean wearing a bright colored t-shirt with security printed on the back. On the contrary, dress well in a regular white t-shirt and black pant. If the security company management provides the uniform, that’s even better. Reason being, people tend to take security patrolling guards who are dressed well a lot more seriously. So, keep it simple yet professional.

2. Boots
Boots is an investment worth making that every security guard working in the security industry will agree with. Since the job of security patrolling guards is such that they have to stand or even walk for long hours at a stretch, the boots have to be comfortable and supportive. Apart from that, they should be durable and waterproof that offer high traction. Which is why boots with rubber soles are preferred over boots with leather soles.

3. Security License
A security license may not be a part of the security patrol devices or pieces of equipment, but definitely is an important part of the security guard’s job. It has been observed that a lot of jurisdictions require them to carry it whenever they are on duty. After all, it is that one thing that confirms their position as security patrolling guards. In a lot of cases, it is also unlawful not to do so. So, always make it a point to re-check your license before starting your job.

4. Smartphone
Nowadays smartphones in the security industry are turning the tables upside down. They are eliminating the requirement of multiple security patrol devices as were once required by security patrolling guards to do their job. Instead, it’s all being incorporated into a single app as of Guardso that can be installed on an Android or an iOS smartphone. From reporting to taking pictures, videos, checking in and out of post site, scheduling shifts the guard wants to work and much more can be done from it.

5. Handcuffs
It is no surprise that often security patrolling guards have to work in a position which requires them to retrain the suspects until the police arrive. And to do that handcuffs are essential. But, remember not to get yourself a pair of shiny handcuffs especially if you are going to be working at a public place. It is more likely to scare off people who are there to enjoy or to do their work. Whereas the criminals clearly won’t be intimidated by that. Try black matte finish handcuffs, they’ll be lighter and will get camouflaged with your duty belt and black pants.

6. Flashlight
A flashlight unarguably is among one of the most crucial security patrol devices that not only aid clear vision but also as a weapon. But, it is dependent on the type of patrolling being performed by the security patrolling guards. However, it is advisable to carry it irrespective of the type of shift. Though, a guard can consider a compact flashlight while working a day shift. Just remember it should be solid, waterproof, and durable that is capable of producing bright light.

7. Duty Belt
A duty belt is an important piece of utility equipment that brings forward an easy way to carry multiple but necessary gears and weapons as required by the security patrolling guards. But, where they initially go wrong with it is while opting for a leather belt which cracks and falls apart when used outdoors in harsh sunlight, humidity, and rain. Nylon belts, on the other hand, are much lighter, cheaper that last longer and provide quick access to things when they are needed the most, since agility and speed has a crucial role to play in this job.

And that’s how you can take a step forward to step-up the well-being of your security guards.