Security guard companies nowadays have several options to ensure streamlined communication between their guards and managers. Doing that via email or external app may be the easiest and the most convenient option of all, but it can easily put the company’s confidential information at significant risk. In addition to being error-prone, such methods are insecure and vulnerable to password hacks and other potential breaches. This is why we at Guardso have developed a secure messenger that works with both the Live Dashboard & guard tour mobile app. So your security guards can communicate safely & securely in real-time regardless of where they are located.

Guardso’s secure messenger also works seamlessly across multiple devices. That ensures the communication never stops, and you stay updated on the information shared by security guards. Using the security messenger on the guard tour mobile app, the guards can share video, audio, & images files. They can initiate a one-to-one chat or make a group to share crucial information. Guardso’s secure messenger to keep the chats focused and professional also allows the guards to chat only with the guards checked-in on the same post-site.

Let’s briefly take a look at the Guardso’s secure messenger benefits:

Guard Tour Mobile App

Guardso messenger is designed to break barriers and enable your guards & managers to understand each other much better while reducing the scope of any miscommunication. 

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