In the dynamic realm of business, certain terms often sound like abstract, feel-good notions. While phrases like mission statements and bleeding-edge might seem nebulous, there’s one term that stands apart—COMPANY CULTURE.

Why Culture Is Vital For Your Officers?

Culture should matter to you and your company because it shapes your officers’ attitudes and expectations when you’re not present. Picture it as a guiding principle that influences individual responsibility. If your company culture prioritizes personal accountability, your officers are more likely to embody responsibility and accountability in your absence.

Aligning Culture With Expectations

Moreover, when your employees comprehend what’s expected of them, it becomes easier to retain the good ones and expedite the departure of those who don’t align with your culture. A strong company culture acts as a beacon for good employees, and they swiftly recognize when someone steps outside those cultural boundaries. The information circulates back to you or your management team faster when there’s a solid understanding of expectations.

Culture As A Recruitment Tool

Lastly, much like any other job, when employees enjoy the culture and atmosphere, they become ambassadors, recruiting other talented individuals to join your organization. It’s heartening when candidates in interviews mention that your current employees encouraged them to apply, confirming that your company culture resonates positively.

Establishing A Robust Company Culture

Creating and maintaining company culture isn’t something you write down and expect to catch on. It requires commitment from the top echelons of your organization, living and breathing the culture day in, and day out, indefinitely.

Family-Like Atmosphere

Running a security guard company, our culture revolved around taking care of the team. Site supervisors were encouraged to foster a family-like atmosphere. Over time, this culture caught on, leading to heartwarming stories of officers and supervisors supporting one another.

Company Culture In Action

For instance, two single moms working different shifts coordinated to cover each other for childcare. They moved in together to make this arrangement work. While it was born out of necessity, I like to believe our company culture played a role.


These are just a few reasons why company culture is vital, providing a starting point to contemplate your organization’s culture. The culture you establish should align with your vision for employee and company success. The right momentum, culture, and teamwork create an opportunity to build a legacy you’ll proudly reflect on in the years to come.

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