COIVD-19 has forced private patrol companies to move at unprecedented speed to serve their clients with quality. The reason being, in these typical times, if the customer services are unhelpful, unreliable, or just hard to get in touch with, no matter how great the security services are, private patrol companies will lose your customers over it. Therefore, the execution of not only security services is more important than ever before but also having clear communication with clients is vital.

Here’s a quick guide for private patrol companies like yours to deliver effective customer services during COVID-19.

Communicate Openly & Frequently

Since communication is the key to most of the problems, your clients during crises will seek & demand rapid response to their queries. Your focus, therefore, should be on maintaining an open dialogue with them. Being proactive with your client communication will have a massive impact on how they perceive your brand. Further, it will not only help you deliver quality customer service but also strengthen the relationship.

Be Completely Honest With The Clients

Private patrol companies have been facing their own set of problems amid the COVID-19 pandemic. From an increased number of no-shows, effective guard replacement, to on-site guard supervision, and much more have been causing trouble. Being honest about these issues when required with the clients can enable them to be aware of the precise situation to be prepared. However, don’t just warn them of potential issues but also provide an alternative solution.

Guard Tour System

Anticipate Existing Client Requirements

The greatest benefit of having existing clients is that you are already aware of what kind of services they are likely to require & when. By anticipating those requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic and looking for ways to deliver quality security services, private patrol companies can mitigate any shortages and enhance overall customer experience during the pandemic. While with the new clients, begin with identifying their primary security needs.

Deliver Comprehensive Reports Online

Guard tour patrol reports are what eventually every client seeks. And that’s why incorporating a guard tour system that enables the clients to tap into the security guard’s performance & critical on-site data can make all the difference. With the Guardso client portal, the clients can harness data & analytics from any device and from anywhere in the world. With the Guardso client portal, they can get answers to questions without relying on the private patrol companies to inform them first.

Delivering effective customer service in times of a pandemic isn’t all about focusing on the key processes & best practices to achieve both stability & results but also communication. Whether you make use of a guard tour system to ensure that or any other method, it can help create a well-coordinated team for better customer experience.