Being a dedicated security guard entails having a serious face throughout. However, they can also be fun and friendly too. An effective balance between your customer service skills and effective delivery of your protection duties makes your company’s profile soar.

It is important for a dedicated security guard to keep this in mind at all times. The reason being the guard is the first and last face that a client sees as they walk in and out of any premises. In this article, we take a look at the customer service skills that every dedicated security guard from a reliable security guard company must possess.

Communicate With People

Communication between a dedicated security guard, their manager, as well as their client, is very important. You must be able to communicate effectively and also seamlessly across devices. This is why GuardsPro’s messenger application with its check-in-based chat allows easy and real-time team collaboration. Further, sharing multimedia for better communication only makes GuardsPro messenger better.


Problem-solving skills are very important for any organization. A client should be able to know that you and your security guard company will do your best to solve their problems.

Put Your Customers First

For any business, you are offering security guard services to, your client should always be the first priority. And don’t just say it but show it to them using GuardsPro client portal. Allows the clients to securely access every report sent in by the security guards patrolling their post sites from anywhere in the world.

Listen To Your Clients

A dedicated security guard must listen actively to the client’s complaints. They must note down every bit of it in their report using the GuardsPro mobile app on the go to ensure each one of them is taken care of specifically. And later to let the clients know how it was done via reports shared with them.

Have Empathy

A dedicated security guard should be able to understand the client’s problem. This understanding must be met with urgency to solve the pending issue.

Make Eye Contact

This is a great way of ensuring your client has your attention. Eye contact makes the client feel appreciated and cared for. Just keep it natural, don’t go overboard.

Greet Your Clients With A Smile

One of the best customer service skills is putting on a warm, nice smile. It is crucial that you make your smile sincere.

Offer Assistance When Needed

Whenever problems are presented, it is important for dedicated security guards to find valid solutions. But, that needs to be done within their legal limitations. The guards must very well know where their job ends, and the law enforcement officer’s job begins.

Make Small Talk

Other than remembering people’s names, it is an added advantage to remember the conversations that you have. This memory will help you start conversations on your next encounter. Or even better, if the conversation is of great importance, it can be recorded using GuardsPro mobile app and also shared with the manager instantly.

Guard Tour System

Find A Balance:

As mentioned earlier, a dedicated security guard should strike a balance between remaining professional and friendly. Your job might involve a range of situations such as emergencies or confrontations that you should be able to prioritize the important duties and avoid distraction.

What customer service skills do you think is an important part of the dedicated security guard job? Do comment below to let us know.