Having powerful customer acquisition strategies is vital for any security services company. You’ve come to realize that, haven’t you? Without it, it’s not possible to grow a security services company in a meaningful way. But, what’s even tougher than that is figuring out which strategy is most sustainable. Which one will help bring through new customers with minimum effort and investment?

Let’s take a look at the following customer acquisition strategies to figure that out and grow your business unlike anything before.

Resend Unopened Email Campaigns With A Twist

Email marketing may sound outdated today, but the reason why it’s still here on this list is that it still works. It is one of the best ways to market your security services company on a budget. But once the campaigns are sent, what after that? Have you ever wondered?

The same data can be used to target potential clients who didn’t open your previous email. How? Take the same email you sent before. Change the subject line to something more interesting and hit send. They’ll never know you re-sent the same email, but this will increase the open rate of your emails without spamming.

Re-Target Your Old Customers

If you wish to acquire new customers effortlessly, you should begin with retargeting your old customers. But, if you’re focusing on your existing customers, how’s that not retention but acquisition? Well, if your certain customers have not been active for a long time, how are they your existing customers? It will be more like acquiring brand new customers.

So, dig up old customer profiles from GuardsPro security guard management platform and get back to them with information compelling enough to hire your security guard services. If you’ve recently made improvements to your security guard services, or upgraded your security guard management platform, don’t be afraid to let them know. This way, they will come around sooner or later.

Select A Relevant Acquisition Channel

You might already be aware of numerous customer acquisition channels available. Aren’t you? But identifying the right one for your security services company can be the trickiest part of all. Therefore, before you begin experimenting, create a set of clear goals you’d want to achieve.


Whether you have historical data to rely on or not, it will provide a baseline for figuring out if something is working out for you or not. Compare the results and choose the channel with large volumes of high-quality new customers. Then leave no stone unturned to reach them as well as educate them about your security services.

Sell Solutions To Their Problems, Not Your Services

Do you know what is one of the best ways to sell a product or a service to an audience that feels they don’t need it? You show them that they have a problem to which you have the perfect solution. If your customers don’t know they have a problem, they are never going to look for your solution to it.

For instance, paper-based visitor books were initially great for security purposes. But, unauthorized access to them, lack of privacy, stolen books, etc became a problem to which your mobile visitor management system is the perfect solution. Not only does the visitor management system eliminate these problems but also helps enhance emergency response.

Take Inspiration From Big Brands

If you still can’t figure out which customer acquisition strategy is the best one for you, take a look at your competitors. Take a look at the big brands that are successful. Figure out what they have done and what they are doing to tailor those things to meet your company’s security services and customers’ needs.

Don’t do it alone. Partner with other companies and achieve your customer acquisition objectives. Track your results to measure your progress. Without it, you won’t be able to determine which strategy brought you high-quality customers, while keeping the cost involved relatively low.

So, are you now all geared up to acquire new customers?