The demand for security patrol guards since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic has risen drastically. Due to which guards are being deployed on client sites to patrol frequently. But with that has risen the occupational risk of COVID-19 exposure. The security guard companies, therefore, need to shift focus on educating security patrol guards on the best ways to manage the risk of exposure. Here are a few effective tips that all security guards on patrol must adopt to keep themselves as well as their respective families safe.

Practice Good Hygiene

One of the most effective ways known to protect oneself from COVID-19 is to frequently wash hands for at least 20 seconds with soap & water or use 60% alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Security guards on patrol must not only wash their hands every 2 hours but also avoid touching their face with unwashed hands to reduce the risk of exposure.

Limit Close Contact

The virus causing COVID-19 is spreading from person-to-person via respiratory droplets among close contact. Which is why security guards on patrol must limit close contact with others, especially potentially infected people. If possible they must maintain a minimum of 6 feet separation. Verify ID badges or identification without physical contact.

Wear Recommended PPE

When social distancing might not be possible for security guards on patrol, they are highly recommended to wear masks, safety goggles, disposable nitrile gloves, making frequent contact with people. This advice is based on the evidence that people with COVID-19 can transmit the virus before they realize they have it.

Security Patrol Guards

Wash Work Clothes

The virus has proven to last as long as 3 days depending on the material of the surface. So at the end of the day, security patrol guards must change their work clothes as soon as they reach home & disinfect them thoroughly. Ensure that by washing and drying the clothes at high temperatures to add an extra measure of safety.

Sanitize Security Equipment

In addition to disinfecting work clothes, every day take a few minutes out to further sanitize your duty belt and all your security equipment. Use an antiviral wipe or an approved disinfectant. It will play a crucial role in lowering the risk infection by several folds.

Monitor Your Health Daily

Despite following all the precautions diligently, security guards on patrol must monitor their health daily. Be alert for symptoms of COVID-19 – fever, cough, difficult breathing, and shortness of breath. Take your temperature if the symptoms develop & follow the standard operating procedures for the containment & disposal of used PPE.

What precautions are you or your security patrol guards taking to prevent COVID-19? Do comment below to share with us.