A lot of factors come into consideration when you want to hire unarmed security guards companies to keep your business premises safe and secure. You look at whether you have the budget to get the service. You look at how much security you need based on your location. Questions like whether you need armed or unarmed security also pop up. Not sure where to begin when you are hiring unarmed security? Read on and find out.

The Cost
Security guard companies offer different services for a variety of prices. When you want to hire a company with unarmed security guards, you should question the extent of the services provided by that company. Is arming of security personnel the only service that the company does not offer? What does hiring unarmed security guards mean for the liability of your premises?

The Effectiveness of the Security Guard Companies
In some instances, hiring armed security personnel justifies the cost, such as when you have valuable merchandise or even machinery on site. However, before deciding that hiring unarmed security is the best option for you, consider the impact of hiring unarmed over armed security guards on your business.

The Training Level of the Guards
Security personnel that is not armed needs to be trained to handle common security-related situations and emergencies. Therefore, evaluate and vet all security guard companies using background and reference checks before settling on a firm to handle your security.

Reputation of the Company
The complaints and reviews of a security firm can indicate whether or not your property will be safe with their unarmed security personnel. The better the reputation of a company according to its employees and past clients, the more likely you can secure your property even with unarmed guards.

Whether the Company is Insured and Licensed
Your liability as the client as a security patrol company caries when you have armed and unarmed security guards. Ensure you hire one that is insured and licensed today. It will save you some trouble along the way!