Every private patrol company’s ultimate desire is to multiply its profit by numerous folds. You desire the same, don’t you? In that case, sales development strategies play a vital role. But to continuously grow and prosper nothing can be done without what lies at the heart & soul of the company, in this case, which happens to be a guard management system.  So, how well formulated are your sales development strategies in accordance with your guard management system?

Can a guard management system actually play a critical role in the sales development strategies? If you’re still wondering, the answer to this question is yes. So, let’s find out how’s that? But, first, let’s take a look at sales development strategies.

What Are Sales Development Strategies?

Sales development strategies are the strategic blueprints of a company that are used to identify the target prospects and start sales conversions.

It’s a process that entirely focuses on the front end of the sales cycles. Therefore, these strategies are typically executed by sales development reps or team members that belong to marketing, sales, or a  hybrid team that lives between the two departments. Their key responsibilities are:

  1. Research, identity, and prospect for new clients
  2. Make lots of phone calls and send lots of emails
  3. Schedule quality appointments and meetings
  4. Create and develop new opportunities

Like any good strategy, sales development strategies work backward from the goals and work to establish an ideal buyer persona along with the benchmarks it uses to define a sales-qualified lead.

How Guard Management System Play A Critical Role?

Sales development strategies can only come into play if a company has something of value to offer to their clients. In the security industry, security services are of utmost importance, but what makes it all going is where the soul of the whole company lies.

A security guard management system!

A security guard management system is what helps in security guard monitoring to providing indisputable evidence of site visits, patrol stops, additional tasks all recorded on a cloud-based database through its own security reporting software. In simple words, a security guard management system streamlines security patrol operations.

1. Create Clear Client Profiles

Most of the revenue a private patrol company generates comes from its clients. But, to ensure it remains the same you’ll need to look back at your best clients and identify the characteristics that make them profitable, enjoyable to work with, and have the shortest sales cycle.

To figure it all out all you need is your guard management system ready with all the optimized data for analysis. How? Remember adding each & every client profile to the client portal, assigning security guards to their site locations and much more. Once you know what your ideal customer profile is, make sure your buyer’s persona is accurate. Else, update it if necessary to reflect the kind of clients that’ll help you reach your growth goals.

2. Focus On Tailoring The Messages

Ideal client profile once created acts as guidelines for the sales reps. This is what helps them to utilize their time efficiently on prospects that are more likely to convert and deliver repeat business quickly. In this very step, what often goes wrong is that the message that’s crafted to speak directly to the audience is not customized for different types.

Tailoring the message is considered as the make-it-or-break-it aspect of the sales development strategy. It’s where you can leverage segmentation. You can break down your audience as to how your guard management system will help in providing services to your clients as per their requirements.

As a private patrol company, you’ll be more focused on security guard tracking and getting web-based live updates and reports through an advanced security reporting software. And letting your unique clients initially know through your sales reps how you are perfect for them will do wonders. For instance, let them know:

    • How will your security guards accomplish their tasks?
    • Will it be through an efficient mobile app as Guardso?
    • How transparently you function & share relevant data with the clients through client portal?
    • How efficiently and effectively your security guards are monitored through live tracking?
    • How through openshift you allow your guards to choose the shift they want to work, providing them the flexibility but encouraging accountability?

3. Don’t Forget Your Warm Leads

When tailored messages begin to give positive responses, it means your sales development strategy is working. So, every single response you get should garner a response in return. In the meanwhile, sales reps need to keep in mind that these prospects need to be their top priority even when you might not be theirs.

At this very step, to have a thorough knowledge of what your company does and how the guard management system helps in accomplishing it is necessary. For instance, Guardso’s main features include:

  • PPO Dashboard –  Where every element of the guard management system can be accessed with a single click.
  • Client Portal – A portal designed to specifically provide access to the clients where reporting details are made available.
  • Reporting Module – A part where different types of reports sent in by security guards through their mobile app can be accessed.
  • Live Tracking Module Security guard monitoring involves tracking every on-site movement to reinforcement schedule compliance.  

The market is full of options today, and the clients are way smarter.  For this very reason, the most powerful element that factors into the final sale is responsive time. So, ensure keeping your response time to as minimum as possible.

It may get difficult, but then it’ll be worth it.