Guardso, the number one security patrol system is back with some major Live Dashboard, Scheduler, & mobile patrol app updates right here, right now. Excited much? If not, hold your breath you will be. So, without much ado let’s take a look at the brand new updates Guardso 6.0 is now equipped with.

Live Dashboard Updates:

Major Updates:

1. Guardso Payroll Integration

Payroll for every business out there is one of the most important aspects, isn’t it? However, paying security guards isn’t as simple as multiplying hours or days by set rate, and we understand that. That’s why we proudly bring to you Guardso payroll integration with the best in the industry to ease the payroll process. They are:

  • QuickBooks Payroll
  • Gusto Payroll
  • ADP Workforce

Available under Time Clock, payroll reports with just one click will allow exporting the file to the desired integration you have an account with.

2. Bulk-Attendance Reconciliation

Guardso Bulk Attendance Reconciliation is a unique feature in itself whose sole purpose is to eliminate the time consumed by the admin to manually reconcile attendance of every security guard clocking-in late or early on a post-site by setting a threshold. This threshold will act as a buffer, within which if the security guard clocks-in on a post site, that time will be automatically adjusted.

Scheduler Updates:

1. Time Off Requests

Keeping track of manual leaves by the management can easily turn into a cumbersome task. But with this brand new feature of Guardso 6.0, we particularly intend to resolve that issue of yours. It allows approving, rejecting, or even at times editing the leaves requested by the security guards from their mobile patrol app.

2. Swap Shift

Allowing the security guards to pick & choose the shift they want to work wasn’t enough to empower them which is why for the very first time Guardso security patrol system has introduced a unique Swap Shift feature. Available under the scheduler, only the admin will have the authority to finally approve or reject the requests sent by the security guards to swap their shifts.

3. Vacant Shift

A vacant shift is a brand new feature of Guardso 6.0 only meant for the use of an admin. Unlike the openshift shift feature that every guard tour management system should have, when a vacant shift will be created no notification will be sent to the guards to choose the shift. The sole purpose of it is to only remind the admin of the shift required for a specific client at any given day or time and to assign the guards to it in the near future.

4. Pay Rate

Guardso security patrol system with payroll integration on the role will require you to define pay rates for every security guard in your company.  This feature will seamlessly serve that purpose, where you’ll be allowed to select the rates for them on a daily or weekly basis along with the holidays. In addition to that, overtime is a critical aspect which specifically has been taken into consideration here.

5. Guardso Skill Set

Guardso Skill Set is our brand new initiative to bring about a major change to the way security guard tour scheduling is done. The admin can define the skills of the security guards to keep a record beforehand. Whenever specific requirements from the clients pop-up, without much hassle the admin while scheduling can assign the post-site to the guards from the record with the required skills.

Other Updates:

1. Assign Multiple Guards

Until now one security guard at a time was allowed to assign to a post-site of a client, but this update of Guardso security patrol system has changed that. The admin now at once will be able to assign multiple guards to the site turning this process into a time saving and efficient one.

2. Print Individual/Multiple Reports

There are times when a manager may need to print reports on the go. For those scenarios, Guardso 6.0 will now allow them to open the report they want to print, hit the print button and that’s it.

3. E-mail Individual/Multiple Reports

Daily activity reports were automatically sent to the clients once a day before. But with this update live now, the clients will have the opportunity to select its frequency. In fact, Guardso 6.0 will also allow the clients to receive reports submitted by the guards in real-time instantly.

4. Cloud Files

Cloud files is another great addition to the system for internal use by the admin. Available under the profile section of the security guards, he or she will be able to attach files and add a description to them for reasons as required.

Guardso 6.0 Update

Mobile App Updates:

1. Request Time Off

Incorporated into the scheduling part of the mobile patrol app, Request Time Off will allow the security guards to effortlessly apply for full/partial day or paid/unpaid leaves with the ability to also view the request status in real-time.

2. Swap Shift

Every security guard has at least once wished to switch his or her shift with a fellow guard. Correct isn’t it? Well, now no longer will they just need to wish because Guardso’s Swap Shift will allow them to do it effortlessly. All a guard will need to do is share the request to swap the desired shift with another guard, accept it, and then wait for the admin to approve it.

3. Panic Button

The safety of a security guard working on a post-site should also be among one of the top priorities for a security guard company. To ensure that, Guardso’s mobile patrol app is now equipped with a Panic Button. The guard will need to long-press it to both activate and deactivate the button whenever required. It’s designed to immediately notify admin as well as the other guards checked in on a post site to help.

4. Map Integration

Security guards working as a team on a post site should be aware of each other’s location to enhance productivity as well to help in times of emergency. With that in mind, map integration, one of the latest updates for security guards with mobile patrol app will be able to view other locations on the map.

Excited much now?