Did you know, Guardso is among one of the security patrolling systems that allow you to generate QR codes effortlessly? Not does it only help to define multiple tours for a particular post site but it also acts as a security guard checkpoint system ensuring the guards complete site tours as per their schedules. In addition to it, Guardso also supports NFC tags that allows them to wirelessly transfer signals between two devices.

However, QR codes are considered one of the most effective options for security guard management. So, let us briefly take a look into it and the benefits it has to offer.

What Are QR Codes?

Quick response codes or QR codes as we all know it are a matrix or two-dimensional barcodes that can be read optically using the camera of the smartphones. Originally they were developed for the purpose of tracking vehicles during manufacturing. But today here we are, using them for various purposes from making online payments to tracking guards using them as a part of security patrolling systems.

Three Benefits Of Using QR Codes

Now, let’s talk about the benefits QR codes incorporated into security patrolling systems like that of Guardso has to offer. But, before we get started all a security guard at his end needs is his smartphone or a tablet, and Guardso mobile patrol app installed on it to get started.

  1. Absolutely Free

    There is no denying the fact that NFC tags are inexpensive, but then QR codes are absolutely free. What can top that? All one needs to do is generate them, print them off, give it to the guards, and that’s it. Though, in addition to that, no extra equipment is required to read them, but a smartphone or a tablet. Similarly, using Guardso guard tour system, all a guard needs is either one of these devices with Guardso’s mobile patrol app installed on it to scan the codes.

  2. Easy To Use

    QR codes can easily and quickly be scanned using a smartphone, tablet, or any other phone with scanning capabilities. But, how easy is it to use them without causing any inconvenience is the question? With Guardso, one of the best security patrolling systems we can assure it will be nothing more but a piece of cake for you. Reason being, integrated into the system it allows the security managers to just print off new QR codes with a few clicks whenever needed for a post site by just adding the location.

  3. Additional Flexibility

    The beauty of QR codes is that they eliminate the laborious process of sticking them on the walls of the post-sites and make sure that they haven’t been stolen, damaged, or dislodged. Instead, multiple QR codes can be generated at once for the guards to carry around and scan each one of them after reaching the required location. Simultaneously, to provide absolute accountability Guardso guard tour system keeps track of the location of the guard in real-time available on the live map of PPO Dashboard.

In what better way can a guard tour software make the job of a security officer easier than this? And what more can a security guard company ask for?