A patrol guard tour system is a business tool that has a positive impact on every aspect of security patrol operations. From guard performance, team communication to client retention, a guard tour system complements and magnifies your effort. The results are a better-synchronized management and engaged security team.

A major concern for security companies is the safety of data. Guardso understands how important the confidentiality of data is and so it offers a patrol guard tour system with 256-bit encryption with a secure layer to protect your data. It can be accessed on the go using multiple devices with authorized access only. It is highly available on the cloud.

The performance data so collected by the patrol guard tour system is comprehensible and ready to be analyzed. With advanced PPO Dashboard, Client Portal, and Mobile App, Guardso’s patrol guard tour system is designed for internal control and external communication.

To help you explore the benefits of our patrol guard tour system, we are offering a  14-day risk-free trial.

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