A patrol guard tour system offers a number of advantages to your private patrol company. From delighting the customers to monitoring guard’s performance, it is developed to take your management a notch higher by streamlining your security patrol operations. It can have a major impact on the quality of your services and internal control.


In broader terms, a patrol guard tour system monitors the activities of the security guards on-site to ensure they are following the scheduled security patrol and to verify they are covering all sites as assigned. The use of a guard tour system offers multiple benefits, from handling accountability issues, eliminating unreliable information and assumption based decisions, establishing paper-less documentation to guaranteeing the security of information.

Using a patrol guard tour system helps you add value to your work and boost client satisfaction along with preventing data loss by storing the data in secure databases that can be retrieved at any time and from any location by authorized personnel. So, if you are a private patrol company looking for a patrol guard tour system with rich features, try Guardso 6.0, the perfect blend of all of the above and so much more.