GuardsPro client portal is a highly useful tool for a security company. It allows you to provide your clients with insight into site productivity and performance. It also gives the client secure access to reports, schedules, post orders, tracking history, visitor manager data, and more.

This will keep your clients updated with on-site performance and improve communication, which, in turn, will help you build a stronger client relationship.

Watch this video to learn more about how GuardsPro client portal can help you keep your clients updated and build a lasting relationship with your clients:

A Few Benefits Of GuardsPro Client Portal

Accessibility And Collaboration

GuardsPro client portal allows you to provide your clients with specific and personalized pieces of information that are useful to them. Your clients can access this information instantly from anywhere and on any device, which will help you collaborate better.

Improved Communication

GuardsPro client portal keeps the flow of information going, which improves the communication between your client and you. With the GuardsPro client portal, your clients can just log in and start communicating with you. This breaks down communication barriers and keeps you and your client connected.

Better Customer Service

One of the biggest benefits of a client portal is that they improve your customer service. Customers can resolve many queries by themselves with the help of the client portal, which is a great option for clients who don’t want to spend most of their time on the phone with their service provider. This also saves the time of the service provider and allows him to focus his time on other essential work.

Makes Customers Loyal

GuardsPro client portal enhances the customer experience by helping you make accurate, on-time information available to your customers. This makes you seem responsive to your client’s needs and gives you a much better chance of retaining your clients.

Secure And Cost Effective

GuardsPro is a cloud-based client portal that utilizes high-quality security system to make sure that the information of your company is safe. So, both you and your client can feel safe when collaborating using GuardsPro client portal. And it is not only a secure way of collaborating, but it is also cost-effective.

Less Margin Of Error

Clients don’t always read all the details on the email, and paper reports get lost. With GuardsPro client portal, you will always be able to provide accurate and only required information to your client. This will help you keep your clients in the loop with a real-time communication tool.

GuardsPro client portal is very good at many things. It is a powerful tool that makes collaboration easy, which leads to better customer satisfaction and retention. Contact us for more information about GuardsPro or try 30-days free trial.