The upsides of automating workforce scheduling using a security guard scheduler are undeniable. It automatically manages numerous resources efficiently, improving productivity, allowing security managers to concentrate on the more valuable tasks.

Despite this fact, a lot of security guard companies still coordinate and carry out their security guard operations manually or using paper-based systems. Security guard scheduler incorporated within a reliable guard tour system enables the companies to manage time, costs, and resources effectively. Thus, making it necessary for every security guard company in today’s pandemic hit world.

Some top benefits of a powerful security guard scheduler for a security guard company include:

Save Time & Resources

Big security guard companies understand that time is money. 

Anything that can be done to reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks can significantly lead to higher margins.

Security guard scheduling being one among those tasks, which when focused on automating can reduce labor costs. 

It frees up the time of the security managers, allowing them to focus on tasks that improve the delivery of security guard services and eventually customer experience.

Offer Flexibility

A smartly designed security guard scheduler can benefit both the security guard company and its employees when it comes to flexibility. How?

Using the security guard scheduler you can create flexible schedules within set parameters.

Your security guards can proactively view their options and choose a specific schedule that they prefer. 

Leaving a part of scheduling in the hands of the security guards can help contribute to their sense of well-being on the job, improving productivity on-site.

Ease Operation Load

In addition to contributing towards the well-being of the security guards, an automated security guard scheduler of a reliable guard tour system can make the work of the security managers a lot easier and more efficient.

A filter like skill set scheduling in Guardso guard tour system is one perfect example. It allows managers to schedule guards quickly and effortlessly as per the required skill set on a client set.

Thus, allowing them to later focus on the activities on site than spend a major part of their daily routine to schedule the right guard to the right post site manually.

Minimize Human Errors

Becoming over-dependant on a dedicated human scheduler who helps manage all security guard and client data in a manual system makes the whole process prone to human error exponentially.

The fewer the touches needed to complete the process, fewer are the chances for human error. Automating the security guard scheduling process greatly reduced this vulnerability.

Guard Tour System

Curtail Unfair Scheduling

Not every security guard is the right fit for every client site. Vice-versa, not every client site is the right fit for every security guard.

Therefore, incorporating a security guard scheduler that can help automatically identify the skills and attributes of the security guards  to make only those available eligible for the security manager to schedule drive efficiency and service delivery.

Further, it reduces the chances of double booking that could not only hurt your company’s reputation but also the bottom line.

Boost Transparency

A well designed security guard scheduler of a guard tour system provides crucial tracking data beyond security guard schedules.

Using it, not only you but also the security guards should be able to track their breaks, meal times, and even leaves. You’ll be thrilled to know that Guardso guard tour system offers all of it.

As a result of this transparency of the security guard scheduler, security guards are able to clearly view the details of their shifts and back track them in time if ever required.

Allow Last Minute Scheduling

Given the COVID-19 situation today, last minute book-offs have become inevitable and unavoidable in the security guard industry. 

That can easily throw a wrench into any security guard company’s management workflow if a reliable guard tour system isn’t at work. 

Since having a backup plan for the backup plan may not always be possible, a powerful security guard scheduler can help find security guards with the same skill set available for a shift easily.

Using the Guardso guard tour system any last minute changes can also be notified to the guards directly on their mobile patrol app effortlessly.

Delegate Scheduling Tasks

Delegating scheduling tasks ensures that more experienced employees use their time efficiently. 

An automatic security guard scheduler allows building security guard schedules with utmost accuracy. And that enables delegating scheduling to less experienced employees of the management team.

Hence, you don’t need to worry about making sure only the best security managers are working the business shift, just scheduling and communicating the schedules to the guards.

A good security guard scheduler takes these factors into account and even automates communicating schedules and changes therein seamlessly as Guardso does.

Create Happier Clients

So how does automating security guard scheduling lead to happier clients? 

Well, when the security managers spend less on security guard scheduling, it automatically enables them to focus their energy on making sure the security guard operations run smoothly. 

Meaning which, your security managers need to worry less about behind-the-scenes operations and concentrate more on making sure the clients are getting the kind of security guard services from time to time they signed up for.

Guardso Security Guard Scheduler:

Guardso’s security guard scheduler is a powerful yet flexible tool. 

You can not only  create shifts, publish & unpublish them, share schedules with the guards live but also get meaningful insights around the staffing of your security guards ensuring continuous service improvements. 

With it, ensure reliability and customer satisfaction, eliminating human error & assisting in reporting to clients to get an edge over your competition and to do so much more.

To know more about it and the Guardso guard tour system, visit Even better, register for 14 days free trial to get hands-on experience: