No private patrol business wants a bad review or a negative comment on their website or social media channel for something they have worked so hard to achieve. But there is no way around it. Even the most well-known businesses get them from time to time. That’s simply because it is not possible to create a product or service that meets the needs of every single customer that comes your way.

If your private patrol business is experiencing a ton of negative reviews, the good news is that there is a positive side to it. Let’s figure out together how you can use them to your advantage.

Find Areas For Improvement

Bad reviews can help you determine where you take your private patrol business next. 

They can help understand what you are doing wrong and where you can make improvements, seeing things from your customer’s perspective. And that is crucial for the growth of any business.

So, if you find yourself hearing repetitive negative feedback about a certain aspect of your security guard services, it might be time to revisit that aspect. 

If it isn’t working out, instantly prompt into action. Focus all your efforts on figuring out why and then a solution to offer it to your customers.

Enhance Your Buying Experience

It’s true that the reviews you’ll receive aren’t going to be just about the security services your private patrol business provides. 

Customers are going to talk about their buying experience too. 

The reason being, they might feel disconnected somewhere in the buying journey, especially if they feel they were getting one thing but got something else. 

This may be because your website talks about your security guard services in a way that means something entirely different. 

You can reverse engineer what you learn to adjust your website, social media, and any other marketing campaign to address the issues. 

Using negative reviews is a great way to create a buying experience that is as smooth as possible for the customers. 

Guard Tour System


Use Them As A Marketing Tool

If your private patrol business gets a lot of negative reviews, take each one of them seriously.

Know that your customer is going out of their way to tell their pain points. The worst thing in such a scenario you can do is to delete or not respond to them.

In order to earn the trust, your private patrol business must maintain transparency, and your customers will know you have nothing to hide. 

Next, own up to the fact that you can do better. Explain what you did to improve. For instance, you incorporated a guard tour system for security guard tracking to encourage enhanced performance and productivity. 

Now use marketing to show how you are making good on your promise to provide a better user experience by implementing security guard tracking using that guard tour system.

Using negative feedback that’s been remedied is a strategic and effective marketing play. Make the most out of it.

Build Trust With Your Customers

Active communication is the key to just about every relationship, and yes that includes your customers too. 

Making them feel heard will go a long way to making them feel valued.

But that doesn’t have to mean they criticize you, you say thanks and move on. Investigate the potential pain point that’s come to everyone’s notice.

Receiving a negative review about your security guard services may seem like bad PR, but trust us, it’s not. 

By reflecting on your customer’s concerns and addressing what they have flagged, you can actually turn into an opportunity to increase retention and improve your relationship with your customers, as well as build trust with the prospects.

Build Better Security Guard Services

There’s a common way how successful security guard companies grow – they listen to their customer’s problems, and then they come up with a solution.

Learning what people truly want from your security guard services can be the best and the shortest way to make pivotal changes to your private patrol business and more closely align with your customers.

All you need to do is take all the negative feedback left by the customer into consideration. 

Follow the trends and take note of what requests you get in what volume. Share it with your team and decide what changes need to be made.

Helps Keep The Customers Engaged

When you receive a bad review or two, what do you do? Some business owners censor the review immediately, some respond to it positively, and others with their own negative comments. 

While it may not be the best way for your private patrol business to win the trust of your existing, as well as potential customers, there’s still a chance to turn this situation around.

You can turn a negative review into something positive by responding with a solution. It is one of the best ways to show how responsive you are to your customer’s complaints. 

This in turn will give your potential customers the comfort of knowing that you will be there to help them, even if they have a bad experience. And that’s how you’ll be able to turn an unhappy customer into a loyal advocate.


There is no such thing as bad PR. It’s the negative reviews that add realism. A business with only positive reviews looks fake. Customers often depend on them to determine which services fit their needs and which don’t. A negative review gives balance to their research and acts as an important factor influencing their decision. The only thing you need to do is figure out how to make the most out of it.