For your back-office users to be happier and clients more satisfied, it’s crucial to manage your security guard business efficiently. To do that and more, there is no better way than to automate back-office processes. Which is why we’ve built GuardsPro back-office dashboard with exactly that in mind. Its most obvious advantages include a boost in productivity and a reduction in the risk of human error significantly.

So, what processes can your security guard company automate using GuardsPro guard tour system’s back-office dashbaord, and how? Let’s take a look, shall we?

Processes To Automate Using GuardsPro

  • Scheduling: GuardsPro scheduler enables back-office users to create and save multiple shift templates that can be re-used easily. Using it, they build client-specific schedules in real-time and six weeks in advance as well as assign guards with a specific skill set and other requirements on-the-go.
  • Reporting: Using GuardsPro, your back-office users can create multiple custom reports for security guards as per the reporting needs of clients and their post-sites. Thus, enabling the security guards to only share information that’s valuable to identify critical threats.
  • Time Tracking: The mobile app of GuardsPro makes it simple for the security guard teams to clock in and out, eliminating the need for them to manually record their work hours. Back-office users automatically receive this data and use it to track which guards are clocked in or out and for how long to reduce unbilled overtime.
  • GPS Tracking: Automate tracking your security guards on client sites with the GPS tracker of GuardsPro. The back-office users with just a few clicks know exactly where security guards are on a client site to further ensure they are following patrol schedules and are safe. 
  • Invoice Processing & Transaction Monitoring: Create not only professional-looking estimates for your clients but also easily convert them into invoices in a matter of seconds. Once these invoices are sent, their delivery and payment status in cash or via credit or debit card is automatically tracked in multiple currencies.
  • Payroll Processing: Based on scheduled shifts, confirmation, no-shows, check-in or outs, etc timesheets are automatically generated that enable back-office users to create and finalize payroll. Since, GuardsPro Payroll supports Quickbooks, Gusto, ADP Workforce, and Paychex, payroll reports can be exported to make payroll processing simpler and faster.
  • Vehicle Patrol: The latest GuardsPro update allows not only to sync hits completed by the security guards on the same site but also duplicate routes with the same from and to dates and months in the future. To further ensure no patrol is ever missed, GuardsPro guard tour system allows adding a custom reset time for the number of hits to be conducted on-site.
  • Business Intelligence: Gain valuable business insight into key indicators with GuardsPro analytics. Back-office users can evaluate crucial schedules, reports, and invoices graphically and make informed decisions quickly.

Guard Tour System

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