Understanding scheduling is not so difficult. It is the process of communicating with the suitable guard and getting them to the right place at the scheduled time. This is the basic outline of security guard scheduling.

It is, however, not that simple. It can be difficult to get in touch with security guards. They possess different profiles and have been trained at different sites. And different skill sets are required in different sites. These and many other reasons make scheduling complex and often repetitive. There are also many moving parts, and the changes in moveable parts are the hardest aspects of security guard scheduling.

Don’t worry; there is a better way to do your security guard scheduling.

Why Should You Automate Your Security Guard Scheduling?

Using the latest industry-focused software to automate your guard scheduling will help you run your operations more easily and efficiently.

Accurate Scheduling

Ensuring the accuracy of the schedule is important as your guards, as well as clients, depend on it. Clients pay based on the schedule of the guards, so they obviously want it to be right. And no one wants to receive an invoice that requires correction.

Assign The Suitable Guard

Every site has different guard requirements, and every guard isn’t fit for every site. That is why it is vital to provide the right guard for a site based on their attributes and skills. By automating the identification of attributes and skills, you will be able to efficiently assign the suitable guard for a site.

Timely Communication

Thanks to the general connectivity, mobility, and IoT, we live in a time of 24/7 access. While it is normal to be skeptical about change, security guard companies need to embrace the new way of doing things if they care about efficiency and profitability.

Whether it be web, email, or SMS, guards like to receive and confirm schedules in the format that is ideal for them. Provide your security guards with the schedule according to their communication preferences and your priorities.

Drive Efficiency

Whether you like it or not, it is no longer a good idea to rely on in-house scheduling tools or a paper-based schedule or spreadsheet. With automated scheduling, you enter the scheduling data once, and then other downstream systems such as billing, payroll, and accounting get that data transferred into them.

Once your scheduling team starts working with the latest guard management software, your people will be able to focus more on book-offs and vacations instead of constantly repeating the everyday transaction.

For those that are not aware, GuardsPro has a Back-office Dashboard which is a more efficient way of running the administration of your security company. Besides the Back-office Dashboard, GuardsPro mobile app can also help both security guards as well as managers to run their operations more intelligently and efficiently.

GuardsPro helps security guard companies to streamline administration, reduce invoicing time, schedule efficiently, and measure performance. The ultimate goal of GuardsPro is to empower your team and help them deliver quality services. Contact our team of experts today at https://www.guardspro.com/contact to learn more.