Hiring a security guard is essential for protecting your property or business. You need to hire a security guard from a quality security service company. This means hiring the best security guard for the job. A security guard should be trained and needs to be skilled in his job. The person who is responsible for security should be fully aware and vigilant. Their presence in your business or property should provide you the peace of mind. 

There are various things that you need to consider before hiring a security guard. Some of them are mentioned below:

Needs to Be Licensed and Trained

One must obtain a license to be a security guard. This makes sure nobody will be able to make a false claim of being a security guard. The only way to get the license is by undergoing full-fledged and rigorous training. Therefore, before hiring a security guard, you need to make sure that the individual has a valid SIA or Security Industry Authority license. Besides the formal training, to get an SIA license, the person also goes through criminality checks.

Good Social Skills

For security guards, good communication is an essential skill set. In a security guard job, one needs to deal with a lot of people. Thus, he should be able to deal with people, defuse crisis and prevent them from escalating. And if dealing with customers and staff is also part of the job, then you need to hire a security guard who can talk effectively and professionally.

Equipped With Modern Technology

With this evolving technology, your security guard must be equipped with the latest technology. The job becomes easier and can be done effectively with the latest technology. You want a security guard who knows how to use technology such as surveillance equipment or CCTV. 

Administrative skills are important

Security guards of today also need to deal with note-keeping, paperwork and making reports, etc. So, it is crucial that the security guard you are hiring knows how to read and write. He should also be good with grammar and spelling. Apart from that, competency to use a computer might also be required in their job. They may also be required to use security reporting software.


Passion and motivation are some of the essential qualities to look for when hiring a security guard. If the guard lacks motivation, all this rigorous and complicated training will not do much good. A good security guard should also be alert, good observer, and can remain motivated during the off hours.

In simple words, you should always go for a security service company that is well-recognized and reputable. A good security guard company can guarantee and provide a highly professional, trained, and SIA licensed security guard.