A reliably powerful client portal in the current security guard industry has become crucial, especially if your clients are expecting secure access to real-time post-site data 24/7. And why should they not? With such great advancements in technology, who would want to rely on or even receive paper reports when the client portal as that of the Guardso guard tour system can customize the reports as per your client’s needs and deliver them in real-time?

Guardso client portal is one of the most practical modules that’s designed to build client relationships with improved client communication. It allows providing the clients an insight into site performance & productivity through reports, tracking history, visitor manager data & more. Since sharing detailed guard tour reports with clients on Guardso’s client portal wasn’t enough. It also lets them share or export reports with others & customize user management for an enhanced experience.

To know more about the Guardso client portal, take a look at the information-rich infographic below.

So, not only focus on giving your clients 24/7 access to on-site metrics with the easy-to-navigate Guardso client portal but also use it to improve your client retention rates significantly.

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