The job of a security guard is not as simple as it may seem. He needs to respond to the incidents on-site ensuring the safety of people while accomplishing a variety of tasks at hand. Managing it all together is a challenge that even an experienced security guard faces. But, it becomes a lot less intense when the help of a security guard system is taken.

The only trick here is to know how a security guard system can help? So, just for you here’s a small field guide to using Guardso security guard system.

A Field Guide For Security Guards:

1. Review a map of the patrol to familiarize yourself

Taking into consideration all the various parameters affecting security patrols, patrols are often scheduled in advance. It, therefore, provides the assigned security guards ample time to review the map of the patrol in advance. A GPS tour system or a geofence is one of the best ways to get familiar with the layout using a mobile app. It’s highly advisable and beneficial since patrols are mostly organized in a systematic manner which includes the time as well as the routes.

2. Create a time schedule for security guard patrol

Security patrols as stated before are mostly organized in a systematic manner. It includes both: the times and the routes for the patrols. However, when that’s not the case, create a time schedule for yourself. Even better, request your manager to create one using the powerful scheduling module of security guard system.

A time schedule mostly includes the number of patrol rounds security guards must make. It also includes how long those rounds will take, times for breaks, and various check-in throughout the scheduled patrol detail. This will ensure, the security guards are aware of the time period within which they need to complete the security patrol as well as the additional assigned to them.

3. Check all the entrances, exits, & sensitive areas on-site

A security guard’s first and foremost job on-site is to guard the building or the business. It regularly requires every guard to check the state of the entrances and exits of the area. In this process, often without proper supervision, sensitive areas are likely to be missed, but QR or NFC tagged checkpoints help in ensuring that more attention is paid to these areas.

This part of the guard tour solutions works hand-in-hand with the GPS tour system which provides live notifications every time the tags are scanned. So, security guards can go an extra mile to check every corner of the area and the locks and the handles of the doors rather than simply inspecting if they’re open or closed.

4. Observe & monitor people with odd behavior

Every security guard is trained not only to patrol an area but also to identify and deal with individuals who might pose a security threat. Therefore, people with odd behavior on-site also make it to the list of the security threats. Other threats include:

  • Broken locks or windows
  • An unlocked door, gate, or window
  • Damaged security gates & cameras
  • Non-working alarm systems

At first, a security guard must be aware of certain behaviors that are considered odd. For which reading body language is an essential skill a guard must possess to know what to look out for. In extreme situations, on-site, guard tour solutions’ watch mode feature enables the security guards to record videos which can be shared with the management in real- time so as to update them and communicate the gravity of the situation on-site. It’s one of the ways how security guard mobile app helps mitigate challenges on-site.

5. Discern suspicious looking objects

Instead of diminishing, security threats have grown every single day around the world. And, well-trained security guards may only have a small role to play, but it is a significant one at their own level. So, during security patrols, guards need to ensure to look out for objects that may seem out of place and could potentially be harmful. After all, it’s one of the most customary ways how suspects plan to strike.

If the object seems more than suspicious, to have it examined by a professional body would be the right approach. If assigned additionally, a detailed report of this task can be generated using Guardso security guard system mobile app, else as a part of site tour report.

6. Report & respond to the ongoing incident

The most important aspect of a security patrol is to detect an ongoing incident. What follows is the way a security guard responds to it and reports back to his manager. It’s usually during a regular patrol when the guards are mobile, the chances of spotting an ongoing incident are high. So are the chances of stopping and apprehending the suspects in the same process.

In such cases, stopping an incident alone is not merely enough. They need to be reported in a well-detailed manner. Guardso security guard system allows its security guards to send in those report from their mobile app. Not only does this ease the process, but attaching the videos and photographs provides additional authenticity to the reports.

So, are your security guards ready to take on their jobs?