Trust is the building block for creating strong security guard teams. It helps foster a positive work culture that encourages improved guard retention and enhanced guard productivity. Without it, a security guard company is liable to have a highly stressful environment, where people are unreliable, uncommunicative, inadequate, disloyal, and inconsistent in their work.

Trust is what provides a safe place for security guards to share their struggles and dreams to reach their full potential as a team. As a manager, are you wondering what you can do to build trust in your security teams? We’ve shared 7 ways to ensure that.

Listen To The View Of Others

The first way to build trust in your security guard teams is to listen to what everyone has to say on issues relevant to the tasks. You may not agree with their viewpoints, but let them speak their mind. 

Listen calmly with the motive to understand rather than just to reply. Consider others’ ideas before making the final decision.

Lead The Team By Example

The second way to build trust in your security guard teams is by leading them by example. The reason being, they are always going to look up to you, take cues from you, and keep an eye on your actions to follow your steps. 

So, take this opportunity to show them what trust in others really looks like. If you want your security guard team to arrive on time, ensure you’re on time first.

Set Realistic Goals For Your Team

Setting realistic goals for your security guard teams is a tricky process. Set the goals too low, your security guard team will believe you don’t trust them to their abilities to meet your demands. Set the goals too high, and they’ll become overwhelmed by expectations, leading them to question your judgment.

The ultimate goal is to find a middle ground. So you can challenge your team members without overworking them and losing trust in you, while also listening to their concerns.

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Respect Your Security Guards

Respect each and every person on your team. It is one of the most important steps towards gaining trust from your security guard team. The reason being, you cannot expect trust and respect from your team if you are not willing to practice it yourself. No team member is going to trust you until you earn their respect.

Value Every Team Member

Every security guard on your team has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Find those unique strengths of every security guard on the team and unitize them for the good of your security guard company.

Further, finding the weakness of each one of the guards will help them focus on improving those abilities. When you give your security guard team members the opportunity to learn and grow, it reinforces trust in themselves and encourages them to trust you in return.

Communicate Openly

The sixth and the most crucial way to build truth in your security guard team is by encouraging open communication. Keep your teams updated on any changes regarding the security guard operations they are involved in. 

A team will fail unless its goals and targets are clearly and consistently communicated to the team. In action to that, you need to get everyone on the team talking in an honest and meaningful way about their progress and the problems they are experiencing. 

Highlight Successes

Finally, don’t be afraid to highlight the success of your team and its members. Remember to keep a proper track record of every success. It is one of the best indicators of credibility that can be shared with other security guard team members.

It is also a great way to reward a team. But more tangible methods can work wonders and make everyone feel included and valued. 

For more such ways to build trust in your security guard team, stay tuned for part 2.