Security guard tour solution is the reason why every security operation is executed in an organized manner. But, security patrol guards are the ones behind the scene who make it all possible. Aren’t they? This may sound fascinating, but to get the job done requires a lot of strength, courage, and experience. But most importantly, they require motivation.

Sadly, there are a lot of security guard companies that fail to understand the importance of employee motivation. Whereas, on the contrary, it is a critical aspect at the workplace which can lead to increased productivity, allowing the guards to achieve higher levels of output. Well, isn’t that something every security guard company is keen on achieving?

So, first of all, let us understand what exactly employee motivation is, and only then can we move on to learn various ways security patrol guards can be motivated.

What Is Employee Motivation?

The term “Employee Motivation” has been derived from the Latin word ‘movers’ which means to move. Thus, the word motivation is considered as something that energizes an employee to act in a precise manner, at a definite time to achieve specific goals. In, simple words, it acts as the driving force that inspires people to put efforts willingly for the achievement of organizational goals.

Without it in play at a workplace, not only a security guard company but every other company is likely to be placed in a very risky position.  Just like creating a field guide for security guards can be initially beneficial, taking a little time out to motivate employees can lead to amazing benefits. They include:

  • Increase in commitment
  • Improvement in job satisfaction
  • Helpful in the overall development
  • Enhanced efficiency & productivity
  • Decreased absenteeism rate

5 Ways To Keep Your Security Patrol Guards Motivated

A security guard company nowadays cannot work to its full potential if it’s security patrol guards are not motivated. To do just that take a look at the following ways to implement in your own company.

1. Know More About Your Security Patrol Guards
One of the simplest ways to increase employee motivation is having a positive communication at the workplace. Which, apart from communicating in a professional capacity, can be achieved by getting to know the security patrol guards.

To begin with, ensure the management of the company interacts with guards to know who they’re working with in person. Remembering each others name or simply saying hello can create an initial great impact. But, what can turn tables around is welcoming a new security guard with arms wide open.

2. Providing Security Patrol Guards The Right  Technology
Physical security industry nowadays has equipped not only the management but also the security patrol guards with technology which gets the job done with utmost accuracy. But, is doing this enough? The companies need to be realistic in their approach. They need to regularly evaluate the guard tour solution in use to see if it stands up to the new standards set in the industry.

Guardso, guard tour solution is the perfect example that provides high-end modules for the management and the best mobile patrol app with a user-friendly interface for guards. It further helps to eliminate the need to carry multiple devices on-site for the guards. So, how is providing the right technology not going to motivate the guards?

3. Security Patrol Guards Deserves To Be Appreciated
The need to be acknowledged and appreciated is one of the most basic instincts of human beings. And truth be told, every employee responds to it because it confirms their work is valued by others. This significantly elevates the level of their satisfaction and productivity, and they are motivated to maintain as well as improve their good work.

For this very reason, praise and recognition are essential for an outstanding workplace. Therefore, remember the golden rule that employee recognition knows no calendar. Make sure to let your hard-working security patrol guards know, how much you value them.

4. Train To Enhance Your Security Patrol Guards’ Skills
Believe it or not, offering work training as often as possible is one of the best ways to get not just a single guard, but the whole team motivated. This can demonstrate the  employers’ commitment to enhancing employee motivation by showing that they care about their careers over the long term.

As a matter of fact, the job of security patrol guards is such that it requires them to gain new skills or even refresh them in order to be better equipped to perform their duties. So, invite guest speakers, incorporate team-building exercises, show short video clips, let them interact to share ideas, and get to know the different setting and ways to use guard tour solution efficiently.

5. Compensate Your Security Patrol Guards Appropriately
Truth be told, everyone works for money, eventually. After all, it is one of the most basic human needs. This aspect, therefore, has a huge impact on an employee’s level of engagement. Higher the compensation, higher is the sense of satisfaction from their job which encourages them to perform better. But, practically it is not always possible.

Talking about the security industry that has been growing very quickly, but the compensations for the job done by security patrol guards haven’t seen much increase. Well, that certainly is not justified, is it? Security patrol guards work around the clock to ensure everyone’s safety. Take a step forward to ensure they are compensated accordingly with additional bonuses, incentives, health care benefits, and leaves so that they work with full potential for you.

Bring the change you wish to see in your security guard company.